New Construction

The New Construction Team is responsible for ensuring a consistent approach to all our clients’ new build communities. We go to great lengths to understand the entire project, its goals and needs providing professional guidance to the client, its design team, and the selected telecom providers. Since its inception in 2013, the New Construction Team has successfully guided 118 Multi-dwelling Unit new builds containing more than 30,000 apartments

Mike Manfredi
Mike ManfrediChief Financial Officer
(415) 755-4512 ext. 203
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Phil Veletzos
Phil VeletzosSenior Vice President, New Construction
(415) 755-4512 ext. 210
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Deborah Hoffman
Deborah HoffmanDirector of Project Management, New Construction
(415) 755-4512 ext. 208
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Kathryn O’Leary
Kathryn O’LearyProject Manager
(415) 755-4512 ext. 217
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Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph RodriguezSenior Director, Planning & Engineering
(415) 755-4512 ext. 213 or (415) 450-5712
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Brian Seiffert
Brian SeiffertProject Manager, Planning and Engineering
(415) 755-4512 ext. 225
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Dennis Unrein
Dennis UnreinSenior Field Engineer
(951) 834-4794
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Aaron Nygard
Aaron NygardField Engineer
(415) 755-4512 ext. 225
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Jamen Cooper
Jamen CooperField Engineer (OR, WA)
(415) 755-4512 ext. 253
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Jeff Thomas
Jeff ThomasSenior Field Engineer
(206) 972-1200
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Eric Brueck
Eric BrueckSenior Low Voltage Specialist, Building Systems Group
(415) 755-4512 ext. 230
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Kathy Wolf
Kathy WolfProject Manager, Building Systems Group
(415) 755-4512 ext. 231
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Lee McKenna
Lee McKennaPlanning & Engineering
(415) 755-4512 ext. 233
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