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Goodbye 2020

By Annie Manfredi

I have a real temptation to say, “Thank God 2020 is over!” when I think about this past year. So many of us, our families, loved ones, friends and co-workers suffered heartbreaking losses, dealt with the soul-crushing isolation of the pandemic, the constant fear of the unknown, and continue to wonder when our lives will ever return to normal. The year has brought significant challenges for us all, but there have been many blessings and bright spots for which we are thankful!

Thankful to our Clients & Team |  We’re grateful to have an amazing team who holds each other up and exceptional clients who are quick with a kind word as we all face unprecedented challenges. Within 48 hours of the announced pandemic and shut down last March, every RealtyCom team member was up and running, fully equipped to work from home. From home offices, dining rooms and kitchen tables, we kept “we-can-do-this” attitude. Our clients have been wonderful and understanding and we’ve all shared laughs when our children or pets made impromptu appearances on a Zoom call.

Thankful for Technology |  We are proud of the incredible culture that we’ve built at RealtyCom, but we’d be kidding ourselves […]

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How 5G Will Power the Work-from-Home Generation

By Annie Manfredi

In recent months, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the dynamics of business. Instead of commuting, for example, about 4.7 million U.S. employees now work from home at desktops set up anywhere from home offices to spare bedrooms to their kitchen counters. IoT technologies make it possible; even on the national stage, thanks to Zoom and other technologies, delegates all over the U.S. at the first virtual Democratic National Convention were linked by one barefoot man in his family room.

All this decentralization of gathering demonstrates how much there is to be gained from the remote work model. The challenge for multifamily property owners is: How can we power that model for our tenants?

5G Is the Future

At RealtyCom Partners, we think 5G is a great opportunity and will provide immense benefits to the work-from-home (WFH) generation, as well as generate significant revenue and increased value for multifamily property owners’ portfolios.

RealtyCom’s Annie Manfredi recently spoke to Rick Varnell, Partner at 5G LLC (a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services) about these benefits.

“In today’s world, we rely on our ability to connect heavily,” said Varnell. What’s more: “Working and studying at home, and reliance on the smartphone and […]

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Donating Food & Meeting Neighbors during Covid

By Annie Manfredi

Since we just moved here in August we really hadn’t had the opportunity to meet our neighbors. We had thought that we’d send them a note for a gathering to introduce ourselves and then Covid sort of interrupted those plans!  After watching the news night after night showing the long food lines and so many people struggling, we thought we should try and do something. So we used our HOA roster to send everyone an email asking if they’d like to donate food. We offered them to drop donations off on our doorstep or we’d pick up from their house if that was helpful.  It was lovely to meet so many neighbors and chat with them a bit from their cars as they dropped off their food donations. Many people expressed their gratitude to be given a way to help. The Auburn Interfaith Food Pantry staff was ecstatic and so appreciative of the donations.

Food donation to Auburn Interfaith Food Closet

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