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Managed Wi-Fi: Plan for Success

By Annie Manfredi

The recent necessity for employees to work from home (WFH), and an outlook that suggests many will continue to WFH at least part time, has created an almost insatiable demand for high-speed internet and Wi-Fi streaming.  As such, many MDU owners are looking at how to best capitalize on this trend to attract new renters, increase revenue and streamline operations.  While the idea of moving from a retail service (where every resident is responsible to order and pay for their own service) to a bulk service (where the owner pays for the service for all units) is easy, the execution of a thoughtful rollout takes considerable thought and planning. When helping our clients consider bulk service options, we review four key areas as a part of the development of a potential launch plan.


Due Diligence & Strategic Plan Development – While it may seem obvious, the first part of any plan is a client needs assessment. Is the owner just hoping to create revenue by “reselling” service or are they trying to keep up with local competition (or both), or do they hope to loop in new IoT devices for residents and […]

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Why Everyone Should Want the 5G Experience

by Annie Manfredi

In the near future, 5G connectivity is expected to provide massive capability to carry data-rich solutions, and power many cutting-edge solutions like IOT, autonomous vehicles, intelligent robotics, drone logistics, and more. RealtyCom Partners’ Annie Manfredi recently spoke to Rick Varnell, Partner at 5G LLC (a leading provider of cutting-edge 5G technologies and services) to learn more about how 5G can benefit property owners and operators.

“In today’s world, we rely on our ability to connect heavily,” observed Varnell. “When a new tenant comes to a property, one of the first things that they do is pull out their cell phone and look at how many bars of service they are getting.”

Streaming Is Just the Beginning

Having good wireless connectivity is not just for faster Netflix streaming (although that’s totally a good thing). Today’s tenants are working from home, schooling from home, and socializing while home. That means that WiFi connectivity is more important to tenants than ever before. For that reason, providing 5G is a great opportunity for multifamily property owners to offer an amenities-rich environment while generating significant revenue and increased value to their portfolio. With 5G, said Varnell, “We can connect hundreds of devices in a six-foot area […]

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Goodbye 2020

By Annie Manfredi

I have a real temptation to say, “Thank God 2020 is over!” when I think about this past year. So many of us, our families, loved ones, friends and co-workers suffered heartbreaking losses, dealt with the soul-crushing isolation of the pandemic, the constant fear of the unknown, and continue to wonder when our lives will ever return to normal. The year has brought significant challenges for us all, but there have been many blessings and bright spots for which we are thankful!

Thankful to our Clients & Team |  We’re grateful to have an amazing team who holds each other up and exceptional clients who are quick with a kind word as we all face unprecedented challenges. Within 48 hours of the announced pandemic and shut down last March, every RealtyCom team member was up and running, fully equipped to work from home. From home offices, dining rooms and kitchen tables, we kept “we-can-do-this” attitude. Our clients have been wonderful and understanding and we’ve all shared laughs when our children or pets made impromptu appearances on a Zoom call.

Thankful for Technology |  We are proud of the incredible culture that we’ve built at RealtyCom, but we’d be kidding ourselves […]

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