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Donating Food & Meeting Neighbors during Covid

By Annie Manfredi

Since we just moved here in August we really hadn’t had the opportunity to meet our neighbors. We had thought that we’d send them a note for a gathering to introduce ourselves and then Covid sort of interrupted those plans!  After watching the news night after night showing the long food lines and so many people struggling, we thought we should try and do something. So we used our HOA roster to send everyone an email asking if they’d like to donate food. We offered them to drop donations off on our doorstep or we’d pick up from their house if that was helpful.  It was lovely to meet so many neighbors and chat with them a bit from their cars as they dropped off their food donations. Many people expressed their gratitude to be given a way to help. The Auburn Interfaith Food Pantry staff was ecstatic and so appreciative of the donations.

Food donation to Auburn Interfaith Food Closet

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RealtyCom Assistance during the Covid-19 Crisis

With so many residents working from their homes during the COVID-19 crisis, making sure your community offers the best internet speed possible to meet this growing demand is critical.  If you’re experiencing a service issue, need to evaluate your services or need help with your Service Provider, RealtyCom Partners would be happy to help you at no charge and with no on-going obligation.  RealtyCom can proactively approach broadband Service Providers with the opportunity to increase bandwidth to your communities and residents, or work out a contract amendment that could provide additional capacity for your properties.

In addition, the larger franchise operations like Comcast have committed to opening their wireless networks to non-subscribing customers so that wireless internet can be accessed by anyone. Comcast, Cox and Charter are also offering a promotional 60-days of free internet service for customers impacted, and others are also offering group discounts on equipment and services to enable school-aged children to complete their studies at home. We continue to work closely with the providers and our clients to ensure residents can take advantage of these services during this difficult time.

Please reach out to our team at info@realtycompartners.com for assistance.

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To Bulk or Not to Bulk by Annie Manfredi

What will work for your communities?

Property owners have choices to make when working with Service Providers (of Television, Internet and Phone services) on their apartment communities.  On a simple level, property owners need to choose from having Service Providers serve their communities on a retail basis or on a bulk basis.

In a retail scenario, your residents can choose to subscribe (or not to subscribe) to one or more Service Providers available at your community.

On the other hand, in a bulk scenario, services are purchased in bulk by the property owner to provide one or more services to all units at the property (regardless of occupancy).  Bulk arrangements are where we will focus in this post.

Bulk arrangements are not new, in fact Service Providers have been offering bulk agreements for decades.  Initially the arrangements included only Television.  Later on Internet was added as an option together with Television or on a standalone basis.

You may find yourself hearing a lot about bulk services from Service Providers.  While there are many benefits with bulk services, Service Providers can paint a rosy picture that only speaks to those benefits, including increased/improved amenities, streamlined resident connection process and added revenue (to name just a few).  […]

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