RealtyCom’s Pre-Acquisition Telecom Survey

By Brian Seiffert and Joseph Rodriguez

Prospective owners may not have a crystal ball to avoid bad investments, but they can surround themselves with industry leaders and professional consultants to give them a good idea of what to expect. Today, it’s more important than ever to conduct a pre-acquisition technology infrastructure survey that runs a figurative fine-tooth comb over a community’s telecom components. It’s simply not enough to identify current providers and their service offering, as those services may not be competitive with advanced services being deployed at competing communities nearby.

A RealtyCom pre-acquisition site survey is conducted prior to a client’s purchase of an existing multi-family property. The survey includes inspection of existing structured cabling (i.e. homeruns to units, wiring between buildings, wiring within common areas, etc.), photo/video documentation of existing space and equipment within telecom closets ( MDF, IDF, AV, back of house, etc), and all conduit/sleeves/pathways. During the structured cabling portion of the survey, our field engineer identifies cable types in use and provides insight on feasibility of potential post wiring solutions. This information is gathered by:

  • Identifying how difficult upgrading/placing new cables will be (use of attic space to retrofit IDF to unit homerun wiring)
  • Noting whether the […]