ACH Payments – The Way of The Future

By Megan Jackson

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have elected to close their corporate offices and adopt more permanent work from home and flexible working environments.  This has had a big impact on our client’s ability to process mail that continues to be delivered to their offices – having to collect and sort mail periodically or added expenses to forward mail and packages.  This coupled with USPS delivery delays, RealtyCom’s accounting department has seen an increase in checks that are “lost in transit” affecting when our clients can deposit and accrue for their telecom revenues.

RealtyCom remains focused on making the negotiation, contracting and revenue management process as simple and hassle-free for our clients as possible. For that reason, we’re excited to recommend to you the option to update your recurring telecom revenue payments to speedy, reliable, easy electronic funds transfers or ACH payments. RealtyCom has worked with many of the Service Providers over the past year to ensure a smooth process. As you consider this option, below are some things to keep in mind:

  • Payments will be deposited into your respective bank accounts on average 30 days faster than physical checks
  • Electronic payment eliminates entity name mismatches, REIT/Fund/DBA issues that […]