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Amenity Area TV Video

By Mike Manfredi

Most of the new construction projects RealtyCom is involved with are rich in amenities – enormous fitness centers, clubhouses with movie theatres, rooftop decks and social spaces, pools, coworking spaces, dog parks, and game rooms are but a few of the most popular amenities we see.  Residents expect these community spaces to be connected and a place for entertainment, so it’s not a surprise we spend the most time with assisting our clients with respect to High-Definition TV screens located in these areas.  Some of the projects we are currently involved with have 20+ televisions!  For an owner, the costs to provide these services can add up quickly.

When it comes to providing live television service to these screens, RealtyCom works with the telecom providers to minimize materials, installation and recurring expenses to our Clients.  This involves negotiating as many complimentary accounts as possible into the agreements, as well as allocating these complimentary accounts based on where the wiring for the televisions terminate.  For example, Provider #1 might offer complimentary live television to eight (8) screens; provided however, that all these screens are wired back to the same IDF Closet or AV Room. Provider #2 might offer two (2) […]

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Telecommunication Considerations for Short Term Housing

By Mike Manfredi

Several of RealtyCom’s Clients are exploring short-term housing.  Some want to use short-term housing as a temporary solution to vacancy during the lease-up stage of a new project while others are exploring short-term housing to enhance long-term net operating income (NOI).  Both objectives entail operational issues that are beyond RealtyCom’s scope of work; however, careful telecommunication considerations are needed and generally fall into two (2) categories:

  1. Telecom Agreement – Most Clients want to provide the short-term guest with high-speed Internet in their unit and common areas during their stay. In addition, some clients want to include some level of cable television service as well.  In properties in which our Clients have entered BULK arrangements, this is quite easy.  However, in properties in which our Clients have chosen multiple providers, each with non-exclusive marketing rights, and each providing multiple services, this is more problematic.  Most providers do not want to provide flexible, discounted service to short-term units, nor do they want to provide consolidated billing.  RealtyCom has been able to help clients in workarounds that provide flexibility and do not breach the anti-bulk provisions contained in many telecom provider agreements.
  1. Infrastructure – Some Clients want to have a […]
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Managing Facility Relocation in New Construction

By: Mike Manfredi

Many new construction projects RealtyCom is involved with include utility relocation.  This often includes undergrounding existing overhead electrical and telecommunication lines or, in some cases, moving existing underground lines to a new location.  In California, most of this work is governed by the California Public Utility Commission’s approved tariff known as “Rule 20.”  Rule 20 consists of three parts: 20A, 20B and 20C.  Of these, Rule 20B projects are most often related to new development.  Typically, 80-85% of the costs associated with the relocation are paid for by the developer.

In order to prevent costly delays, any such relocation work should be identified in the design stage of the development, typically by the Dry Utility Consultant.  A resulting plan should be developed that details the following:

  1. All the impacted utilities (e.g., power company, franchise cable television company, telephone company, etc.)
  2. Contacts for representatives of each of the impacted utilities
  3. Cost to bear by the developer and payment timing
  4. Critical path from start to completion with timeframes for each activity associated with this work

Periodic check in calls with all stakeholders should commence a month in advance of scheduled work commencement and continue through completion.

RealtyCom’s Planning/Engineering Team works closely with […]

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