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The Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

By Phil Veletzos and Steve Lefkovits

As a way of achieving building-wide Internet connectivity, managed Wi-Fi Internet solutions are gaining popularity in multifamily properties across all asset types. RealtyCom can help owner/operators evaluate this business model for both new developments and existing property retrofits. The three main reasons to consider building-wide Internet availability at your communities are:

●     Valued resident amenity. Since today’s residents regard access to the Internet as a right, the easiest way for owners and operators to increase connectivity is by providing robust Internet access at all times across the property so prospective residents, current residents and their guests can seamlessly enjoy hotel-style connectivity.

●     IoT/Smart Home/Smart Building Functionality. A Managed network provides a network to leverage for smart home and smart building initiatives. Through advancing technology, building management systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated; allowing, for example, property managers to detect the source of leaks without opening up walls.

●     Wi-Fi Calling. Through Wi-Fi calling, a property wide managed network can take the sting out of cell signal issues due to construction materials such as Low-E glass.

●     Ancillary Income. When managed well, bulk purchase solutions can create substantial asset value that may outpace traditional revenue share models.

As a way of achieving building-wide Internet availability, managed Wi-Fi Internet solutions […]

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FCC Policy Changes May Impact Multifamily Communities

By Phil Veletzos

The FCC continues to consider changing current policies related to apartment communities and other multitenant environments.  What they adopt will have important impacts to private property rights of Owner-Operators, Managers and Developers of multifamily communities, as they construct and manage telecom facilities, and the Service Providers who deliver broadband services to their assets.

Limiting the Use of Telecom Infrastructure?

Among the issues up for consideration, are rules governing telecom infrastructure and if Owners should be prohibited from the current practice of granting limited use of infrastructure to select Service Providers at a property – either on an “exclusive” or “non-exclusive” basis.

Proponents of change argue that discontinuing the current practice of allowing limiting use contracts will spur competition by allowing many more Providers to use existing infrastructure.  How many Providers would depend ultimately on the desires of the resident population.  As conceived within one of the Nation’s first such initiatives (San Francisco Article 52) a resident’s express desire for a Service Provider would start a process where that provider, even over the objection of an Owner, could be granted the right to “install the facilities and equipment necessary to provide communication services or use any existing wiring” to reach the Resident’s […]

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Telecom Planning in New Construction

When is the right time to start telecom planning in a multifamily new construction project?

RealtyCom understands that our developer-partners have countless considerations when starting a new construction project, and that getting involved early is key to ensure our clients meet important objectives and deadlines for crucial telecommunication milestones.

RealtyCom represents over 200 active construction projects across the country, and has established a sophisticated process to manage the telecom installation process. Our team of in-house designers, field engineers and project managers, with help from our customized database that provides alerts at critical junctures, are here to manage the process from concept to completion – from telecom access agreement negotiation, to low voltage design review, to boots on the ground inspections.

The RealtyCom team typically meets with clients 2-3 years before the anticipated first resident move in date and hosts a kick-off call with Owner representatives. This usually takes place after entitlements and provides us with an opportunity to gather basic project information including timing, the number of structures and units, retail/commercial spaces, common area amenity list, and any other project information that may impact telecom services or installation.

Within 30 days of our kick off call, we prepare a Basis of Design (“BOD”) outlining […]

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