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RealtyCom Updates

Amenity Area TV Video

By Mike Manfredi Most of the new construction projects RealtyCom is involved with are rich in amenities – enormous fitness centers, clubhouses with movie theatres, rooftop decks and social spaces, pools, coworking spaces, dog parks, and game rooms are but a few of the most popular amenities we see.  Residents [...]

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Good, Better, Best: Provider Wi-Fi Programs Explained

By Kelly Larsen Wi-Fi is truly the unsung hero holding the modern household together. From streaming TV and working from home, to powering your smart thermostat or Roomba – Wi-Fi is a must-have. Under a traditional choice model where the owner may or may not have a marketing agreement in [...]

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Cutting the Cord: Bulk Cable Services

By Laura Quirarte In just a few short years, we have seen Cable TV become more and more obsolete as people decide to “cut the cord” and move to streaming options, that can be more affordable and personalized. Across all the assets RealtyCom manages we currently see an average of [...]

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Internet-Ready: A Simple Move-In Experience for Residents

By Anne Gieseke In today’s world, life is about convenience and automation.  Internet connectivity is key, and many telecom providers are making it easier than ever to setup services the moment a resident steps into their new home. These “internet-ready” programs are designed to have all the wireless equipment pre-installed [...]

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