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Telecom Planning in New Construction

When is the right time to start telecom planning in a multifamily new construction project? RealtyCom understands that our developer-partners have countless considerations when starting a new construction project, and that getting involved early is key to ensure our clients meet important objectives and deadlines for crucial telecommunication milestones. RealtyCom [...]

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Cox’s Quick Connect Program Q&A

A couple of years ago, Cox and RealtyCom began discussing a program Cox wanted to pilot, called Quick Connect. We had several clients who owned properties within Cox’s test markets in Arizona and Nevada, and quickly spent time researching and discussing potential benefits of this program with our clients. Two [...]

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5G Network for MDUs

After years of hype, all four wireless carriers have begun the 5G roll out. The availability of a nationwide 5G network is still a long way out and currently only a handful of metropolitan areas are being tested by the service providers before 5G is fully rolled out. The 5G [...]

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RCP Celebrates 13 Years

Each year the RealtyCom team eagerly awaits our annual Anniversary to celebrate our business and hard-working team. Each September we’re able to have everyone across 6 states come together and kick up their heels and have some “play time” together.  Our 2019 event was no exception! It’s not often our [...]

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