for Residential Real Estate

    RealtyCom is a telecommunications asset management firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in identifying, negotiating and maximizing new telecom revenue opportunities for Real Estate Owners.

  • What Our Clients Say

    If you are looking to evaluate large portfolios for hidden opportunities in marketing rights and compensation for video, phone and internet services…talk to RealtyCom. Leverage your portfolio and RealtyCom’s expertise to find or renegotiate better terms on existing contracts and uncover “new” revenue. We did and it paid off.”

    ~ Brad Cribbins, Alliance Residential Management ~

  • A New Way of Looking

    at Telecommunications Asset Management

    At RealtyCom, we recognize that the monetary value of telecom rights are only part of the equation. As equally important are the contributions to the resident experience.

  • Our Experience Speaks for Itself

    RealtyCom has made our clients over

    $70M since 2007,

    successfully closed over 1,000 transactions & currently manages the revenue share payments for over 500 properties.