Increase Your ROI Through Efficient Portfolio Management

RealtyCom Partners team of advisors and project managers have extensive industry expertise to analyze a client’s existing portfolio of communities to find missed opportunities to enhance technology, revenue, and property benefits.  We not only negotiate telecommunications marketing rights and contracts, but educate and advise our clients so they’re armed with all the facts to make the best business decisions for their assets and residents.  

Putting The Puzzle Pieces Together

Imagine working on a 10,000-piece puzzle and how long that would take to solve – that’s a fitting analogy for what it’s like to analyze and piece together multiple agreements from multiple service providers utilizing different systems and wiring. That’s exactly the challenge that RealtyCom Partners is equipped to solve, thanks to the expertise of its veteran team of contract and due diligence specialists with 75+ years of combined industry experience. Because of their long-term relationships with all of the national and regional service providers, RealtyCom is able to provide comprehensive, agnostic insights to clients to help them assess options with their asset teams and make informed decisions for their portfolios and their residents.  

Bob Reiss, Senior Director of Operations at RealtyCom Partners, has 30+ years of industry […]

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A Trusted Advisor And Advocate For Our Clients

Diligent, ongoing telecom management and support for our clients is at the heart of what we do and enables us to cultivate trusted relationships. It also allows us to achieve optimal results for our clients, identify quarterly revenue variances and assess annual revenue reviews to determine overall portfolio value.

Our team manages all the behind-the-scenes due diligence, allowing our clients to remain strategic decision makers. Because we work exclusively on behalf of apartment Owners, we are committed to acting in their best interest, whether that’s handling the entire acquisition and disposition process of assuming contracts and transferring revenue payments at sale, helping renew onsite marketing efforts by providers to boost resident subscriptions and revenue to owners or acting as the client’s database. By continually monitoring existing telecom contracts, we can quickly identify any discrepancies and ensure that revenue share is accurate based on the contract terms.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Keeping track of contracts, finding bid opportunities and managing wiring or bulk circuit upgrades can be arduous tasks for apartment Owners, especially if they don’t have dedicated resources like the experts at RealtyCom. That’s where we provide unmatched value. Our years of experience […]

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Future-Proofing Multifamily Developments: Are You Game?

Engineering Optimal Connectivity For A Superior Resident Experience Requires Knowledge and Skill

By Joseph Rodriguez, Senior Director of Planning and Engineering, RealtyCom Partners

If you’ve ever attempted to master a Rubik’s cube, you might be able to relate to the multifaceted challenges that multifamily owners face when designing and planning a future-proofed network infrastructure.

Keeping pace with rapidly evolving technology and mapping that to resident expectations for connectivity is just one piece of the puzzle. Understanding the myriad telecom agreements provided by service providers is another. If only there were a simple plug and play solution!

That’s where RealtyCom Partners comes in.

Being Future Forward Requires a Rearview Mirror, a Telescope and a Magnifying Glass

Preparing for the future involves looking back, and our extensive project history is another way that RealtyCom helps with future-proofing multifamily developments. Whether garden style, mid-rise, or high-rise, we understand the unique challenges involved and guide multifamily owners on how to successfully future-proof their properties. Collectively, our team of experts brings decades of experience in lessons learned and proven solutions.

When RealtyCom is working on the design for a […]

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