Revenue Auditing: Data Shows Your Portfolio is Owed Funds!

By:  Megan Jackson

Did you know that recent industry data suggests 20% of Service Provider contracts have payment errors, costing Owners tens of thousands in lost and missing revenue each year? This is hardly surprising considering the complexities inherent in contracts, property dispositions, and the dynamic nature of service provider processes. Recognizing this, RealtyCom’s Accounting Department meticulously reviews revenue share reports and agreements and then coordinates with the service provider organizations to rectify any issues.

Revenue assurance is a crucial component of RealtyCom’s portfolio management functions. We routinely audit every property with a revenue share agreement, to ensure our client has received all funds due from service providers. Of course, our goal is to ensure proper payment to our clients going forward, but we often discover variances that lead to further collection efforts. Here are a few examples of recent discoveries:

  • During a portfolio audit over 64 agreements, we recovered $392k.
  • We’ve successfully recovered $1.2M in funds relating to recent development projects of which 51% of the properties audited had errors resulting in tens of thousands of dollars […]
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Is Coax Obsolete?

By:  Bob Reiss

Not all cabling is created equal.

While Fiber optic and Ethernet cabling have been a mainstay for new developments and rewires in multifamily, coax is more prevalent in existing communities across the country. Due to its wide availability and potential for upgrades, coax still has its place.

Fiber optic is decisively the fastest – with capabilities of 100 Gbps (100,000 Mbps) depending on your location/network and devices/equipment. Ethernet by comparison may provide 10 Gbps and is widely used in managed Wi-Fi deployments today. Despite these capabilities Service Providers generally offer consumers, your residents, 1-2 Gbps options today.

Coax provides similar access to 1-2 Gbps internet service, and the expectation is continued enhancement as the marketplace demands.  In fact, some providers have already done market testing of symmetrical multi-gig and 6 Gbps speeds as early as Q4 2022 using coax cable. There’s clearly good economic reasons to maintain and upgrade coax systems and invest in new technology like DOCSIS 4.0+, Managed Wi-Fi leveraging coax to reduce capex, and other Hybrid-Fiber-Coax solutions.

  • Coax has by far the largest market share, being the most common home run wire type in existing communities.
  • Leveraging existing coax for Managed Wi-Fi and other deployments […]
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FCC Regulations

Potential FCC Regulation: Ban on Bulk Billing

On March 5th, the FCC office of media relations released a statement that FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel had announced “a plan to lower costs and address the lack of choice for broadband services available to households in apartments, condos, public housing, and other multi-tenant buildings.” The release alludes to plans by the FCC to regulate further and potentially ban bulk billing arrangements that do not allow residents to opt-out of such an arrangement.

RealtyCom Partners is tracking this situation and plans to review in detail any Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that is issued pursuant to this FCC announcement. RealtyCom has a history of leading and participating in comments to various past FCC rulemaking procedures.

While not all service providers that typically provide bulk billing services currently have a methodology for individual resident opt-out, RealtyCom is in discussions with providers on how they are and will respond to this potential rulemaking.

RealtyCom Partners stands alongside the signatories of the letter addressed to The White House, urging law makers and the FCC to preserve broadband bulk billing agreements. Instituting a ban on these agreements would negatively impact residents and discourage investments in broadband service. We extend our gratitude […]

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