Bulk Internet and Managed Wi-Fi…Don’t Just Set It and Forget It!

By:  Rush Blakely

Many of our clients are deploying managed property-wide Wi-Fi or other bulk purchase internet programs to improve the resident experience, create operational efficiencies for the property and staff, and yes, increase net operating income.  

Property-wide managed Wi-Fi requires Owner and property staff involvement during the deployment phase – site surveys, installation of equipment and wiring, in-unit access, revision of lease agreements, and getting residents connected. However, we have found too many times after services are up and running, additional support is needed to ensure a continued reliable connection and happy residents.  

That’s why RealtyCom Partners offers network monitoring and support services for Owners with property-wide managed Wi-Fi or bulk internet as a subscription service. Unlike traditional marketing and revenue agreements, the owner is sponsoring the service provided to residents – our service ensures support during the entire agreement and is cancelable at any time. 

Before a client chooses a particular service provider proposal, RealtyCom provides a financial analysis of the contract value and reviews the scope of work.  Once a service provider proposal is accepted, transition planning and project management begin with a comprehensive plan for training and a […]

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Avoid Delayed Service Activation with Proper MPOE Planning

When it comes to new construction multi-family (MDU) developments, there are many critical components in terms of telecom infrastructure and deployment that need to be taken into consideration.

Often, elements of telecommunication installations get overlooked as the TCO date quickly approaches and the larger construction milestones are being completed. One of the most important telecom elements within an MDU is the Minimum Point Of Entry or the MPOE. This room is vital and can be considered the heart of the entire telecom infrastructure buildout for the project and it is where all the Service Provider connection points converge onto the Owner’s property from the Right of Way (ROW). The MPOE acts as the handoff point where services are delivered to feed the different buildings, units, and common areas throughout the project. Given this is the heart of the telecom install, it is important to stay up to date with the construction and completion of this building location in preparation for telecom companies so their cabling and equipment can be installed completely in a timely fashion to effectively deliver needed building services on time. 

At RealtyCom we call this telecom milestone “MPOE Room […]

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The Smart Money is on Smart Apartments

The last decade has seen the rise of increasingly smarter versions of the things we use on a daily basis, from phones and watches to TVs, cars, appliances, and more. With a simple tap on our phones or voice command to Alexa, Siri, or Google, we’re able to control and automate things that enhance our convenience and comfort. And once accustomed to the ease and speed of this technology, it’s hard to go back. That’s why it should come as no surprise that today’s multifamily residents expect to have smart home connectivity in their apartments—and many are willing to pay more for it. 

For owners and developers who want to offer smart home features in their new construction projects or upgrade their existing properties, here are a few things we’d like to share. 

What’s considered a smart home?

Typically, a property owner will want to offer a minimum of (3) devices that are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) to be considered a “smart home” that justifies higher rent when marketing the community. These devices could be a mix of things like door locks, interior or exterior lighting, thermostats, blinds/shades, smart switches/outlets, or leak detection, just […]

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