for Residential Real Estate

RealtyCom is a telecommunications asset management firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in identifying, negotiating and maximizing new telecom revenue opportunities for Real Estate Owners.


...there has not been a single deal presented by RealtyCom where we felt we could have achieved a similar result on our own. In addition to greatly adding to the value of our assets through additional ancillary income, RealtyCom has ensured that the contracts provided to us are equitable, and they have always kept us on the leading edge of changes/trends within their areas of expertise. And, not of least importance, the entire team at RealtyCom has proven to be dedicated to our best interests, completely ethical, and always enjoyable to work with..”

~ Bill Brooks, Sequoia Equities ~


at Telecommunications Asset Management

At RealtyCom, we recognize that the monetary value of telecom rights are only part of the equation. As equally important are the contributions to the resident experience.

A Telecommunications Asset Management Firm

We specialize in identifying, negotiating and maximizing new revenue opportunities from Telecom, IOT,
Internet and communications services for owners of apartment and multifamily real estate.

We recognize that the monetary value of telecom rights is only part of the equation.

RealtyCom Partners offers a comprehensive suite of communications consulting services designed to find hidden revenue opportunities, maximize resident benefits, reduce recurring expenses, and streamline the negotiations for entire portfolios of telecom, IOT, Internet and communications service agreements.

We leverage decades of experience, extensive understanding and established relationships.

In the telecommunications and multifamily industries, we represent apartment Owners in their contract negotiations. By maintaining strong, long-standing relationships with local, regional and nationwide telecommunication service providers, RealtyCom stays abreast of the ever-changing landscape of telecom services and offerings, which directly impact the value of a portfolio’s contracts.

We Represent Our Property Owner Clients

Including in matters relating to telecom services in multifamily dwelling units:

Analysis of telecom service asset and contract portfolios, Development and review of telecom service provider proposals,
Negotiation of property rights and revenue sharing contract execution, Management of service agreement portfolios,
Monitoring and verification of revenue sharing agreement compliance.