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Fitness Center Rehab & Courtesy Service

Just a few examples of some of the projects we have
worked on and how we have helped our clients.

Read the additional details for each case study to get a closer look at how we deliver a full-service, long-term telecommunications asset management resource for apartment Owners saving money, valuable time and generating the greatest ancillary revenue possible. As Clients’ portfolios change over time through the expiration of agreements, acquisitions, sale and new construction of properties, we continue to provide ongoing guidance, management and negotiation services to best leverage the telecommunications contract rights and services for each community.

The Work The Results
Identify the best way to provide high-speed Internet and video services in their newly planned fitness center.
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Contract negotiated by RealtyCom provided the site with an annual savings of over $200,000 in additional asset value for the community.
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Evaluate the telecom and broadband service offerings for residents and identify new revenue opportunities for the new property owner.
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New telecom agreement negotiated by by RealtyCom added valuable courtesy services, eliminate the expense for common area televisions and fitness center equipment, and increased the value of the portfolio by over $1M.
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Determine if the $167,000 annual expense for FREE Cable TV for tenants was attracting residents, improving the resident experience, could be improved or realized expense savings.
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RealtyCom eliminated the expense of the free service, transitioned the property off the free service with minimal tenant disruption and created on-going revenue and increased asset value by $3.2M for our client.
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