What We Do

Telecommunications marketing agreements are complex. Technology, service provider, offerings and infrastructure requirements are constantly changing and frequently differ for each property. It is increasingly important for apartment Owners to work with an experienced telecommunications asset management firm like RealtyCom Partners, to find hidden revenue opportunities, maximize resident benefits, reduce recurring telecom expenses, and streamline the negotiations for their entire portfolios.

RealtyCom offers a comprehensive suite of telecommunications asset management and representation for voice, video and internet services. From the initial portfolio asset and contract analysis, service provider proposal development and review to compensation negotiation of property rights and contract execution and consolidation, database management of portfolio contracts, we represent our clients in all matters. Our services even include overseeing revenue collection and verification to ensure it fulfills the service provider contract agreement.

Since 2006, our business model has been structured to deliver a full-service, long-term telecommunications asset management resource for apartment Owners saving money, valuable time and generating the greatest ancillary revenue possible. As Clients’ portfolios change over time through the expiration of agreements, acquisitions, sale and new construction of properties, we continue to provide ongoing guidance, management and negotiation services to best leverage the telecommunications contract rights and services for each community.

Take a look at our case studies to see just a few examples of the projects we have worked on and how we have helped our clients. Contact us for an evaluation and assessment of your revenue sharing opportunities.