Consulting Services

Bridge Property Management – Onnix

RealtyCom was borne out of our clients’ need to manage complex agreement negotiations and infrastructure requirements in a multi-provider landscape. Today, there are even more ways to look at the value equation than ever before with Marketing/revenue share agreements, fiber overbuilds, pre-provisioned internet solutions, Bulk (modem), Bulk Managed Wi-Fi, Opt-in, Right of Entry/easements, P2P rooftop Wireless providers, and other Hybrid solutions. Assessing these options can quickly become an administrative nightmare requiring specialized resources – we break down the important technical and financial requirements so our clients can focus on making an informed decision for their assets.

We offer a range of a-la-carte services including:

  • Contract Organization and Due Diligence
  • Portfolio Assessment and Contract Negotiation
  • Revenue Validation and Auditing
  • Field Resources (due diligence, infrastructure review)
  • Low-Voltage Planning
  • Smart Building/IoT Planning
  • Specialized Project Consulting

We utilize flexible client-aligned compensation structures (contingency, fixed fees or subscription-based models for larger unit portfolios) and can leverage our expertise and size to help you take control of your telecom strategy.

Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs, and how we can best serve you when you need additional support.