Our Clients & Testimonials

Quarterra has worked with RealtyCom Partners on over a dozen development projects. In addition to working with the various providers to obtain marketing proposals, RealtyCom Partners have been a valuable resource in reviewing and commenting on low voltage designs as well as providing on-site support to ensure that the design is implemented appropriately. Everyone at RealtyCom Partners has exhibited a very high degree of professionalism and works hard to promote Quarterra’s interests.

Chris Acker, Director of Community Technology Services
Quarterra | Aliso Viejo, CA

RealtyCom has been a trusted telecommunication partner of Gelt for many years. The professionalism and customer service exemplified by their team always exceed expectations.

Josh Satin, Chief Investment Officer, Gelt, Inc. | Tarzana, CA

Having RealtyCom Partners as our telecom partner has not only increased the value of our assets they are involved in but they have made the telecom due diligence process seamless.

Rich Stayner, CPM®, Partner Emeritus, Bridge Property Management | Murray, UT

Having RealtyCom’s on-the-ground resources work with our various contractors and teams ensures we’ll properly deploy each provider’s systems and have on-time activation.

Brian Baker, Vice President of Development, L37 Partners | San Francisco, CA

As a result of their expertise, RealtyCom has assisted our investment partnerships to generate revenues far in excess of what we might have achieved through our own efforts.

Douglas S. Hastings, Principal, Haley Residential | Omaha, NE

RealtyCom provides oversight of the service providers and our project contractors, saving us time and reducing costs while ensuring that services are activated timely for TCO.

Jamie Dawson, EVP Development, The Wolff Company | Scottsdale, AZ