Meet Our Team

Since 2006, our business model has been structured to deliver a full-service, long-term telecommunications asset management resource for apartment Owners saving money, valuable time and generating the greatest ancillary revenue possible. As Clients’ portfolios change over time through the expiration of agreements, acquisitions, sale and new construction of properties, we continue to provide ongoing guidance, management and negotiation services to best leverage the telecommunications contract rights and services for each community.

Our Founders

Annie Manfredi
Annie Manfredi
Mike Manfredi
Mike Manfredi
Steve Lefkovits
Steve Lefkovits

Executive Team

RealtyCom Partners, LLC is comprised of leaders from the telecommunications and multifamily industries. We leverage decades of experience, extensive understanding and established relationships within these two unique disciplines to represent apartment Owners in their telecommunications contract negotiations. By maintaining strong, long-standing relationships with local, regional and nationwide telecommunication service providers, RealtyCom stays abreast of the ever-changing landscape of telecom services and offerings, which directly impact the value of a portfolio’s contracts.

Rush Blakely
Rush BlakelyPresident & Chief Executive Officer
(415) 523-1403
Cristy Boucher
Cristy BoucherChief Operating Officer
(415) 523-1330
Phil Veletzos
Phil VeletzosSenior Vice President, New Construction
(415) 523-1402
Catherine Ratté
Catherine RattéVice President of Accounting
(415) 523-1323

Client Services

The Client Services department is responsible for ensuring a consistent positive experience for each of our clients. We provide a customized experience for each of our partners and are responsible for ongoing communication, advocating for their needs, managing day-to-day requests and inquiries, as well as having an overall understanding of our client’s business and needs. We oversee the entire life cycle of a property from acquisition, due diligence and onboarding, proposal negotiations and execution of new Service Provider agreements, to ongoing management needs, and finally recapitalization.

Kelly Larsen
Kelly Larsen Business Manager
(415) 523-1355
Anne Gieseke
Anne GiesekeSenior Client Account Manager
(415) 523-1314
Laura Quirarte
Laura QuirarteSenior Client Account Manager
(415) 523-1368
Sarah Mabry
Sarah MabrySenior Client Account Manager
(415) 523-1405
Kristin Honiotes
Kristin HoniotesClient Services Coordinator
(415) 523-1365
Tiffany Poso-Muñoz
Tiffany Poso-MuñozBusiness Development Associate
(415) 523-1413
Kirsten Mayer
Kirsten MayerJunior Account Manager
(415) 523-1319
Erin Stanley
Erin StanleyJunior Account Manager
(415) 523-1371
Kristi Mann
Kristi MannContract Administrator
(415) 523-1363

Contract Management

The Contract Management department is accountable for reviewing and documenting all clients’ service provider agreements for RealtyCom’s new and existing clients. We ensure timely and accurate review of both new client portfolio on-boarding and existing client property acquisitions. This process is the underpinning for all future opportunities.

Bob Reiss
Bob ReissSenior Director of Operations
(415) 523-1320
Mike Sloan
Mike SloanDue Diligence Manager
(415) 523-1379
Paul Spacek
Paul SpacekSenior Advisor
(415) 523-1398
Mike Miller
Mike MillerManager, Bidding Operations
(415) 523-1390
Spencer Brown
Spencer BrownAdvisor Service Provider Negotiations
(415) 295-2089
Roxanne Ferrin
Roxanne FerrinDue Diligence Coordinator
(415) 523-1345

New Construction

The New Construction Team is responsible for ensuring a consistent approach to all our clients’ new build communities. We go to great lengths to understand the entire project, its goals and needs providing professional guidance to the client, its design team, and the selected telecom providers. Since its inception in 2013, the New Construction Team has successfully guided 118 Multi-dwelling Unit new builds containing more than 30,000 apartments

Deborah Hoffman
Deborah HoffmanDirector New Construction, Operations
(415) 523-1335
Kathryn O’Leary
Kathryn O’LearySenior Project Manager, New Construction
(415) 523-1351
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph RodriguezSenior Director, Planning and Engineering
(415) 523-1348 or (415) 450-5712
Brian Seiffert
Brian SeiffertSenior Planning Engineer
(415) 523-1321
Dennis Unrein
Dennis UnreinDirector of Field Operations
(415) 523-1338 or (951) 834-4794
Stephen Garcia
Stephen GarciaPlanning Engineer
(415) 523-1406
Cassie Watson
Cassie WatsonProject Manager, New Construction
(415) 523-1370


The accounting department is responsible for recording and reporting the cash flow transactions of the company. This department has some key roles and responsibilities, including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Financial Reporting, and maintaining financial controls. In addition, for our clients, we manage upfront fees payments, revenue share payments and maintain an accurate database.

Megan Jackson
Megan JacksonSenior Accountant
(415) 523-1373
Nicole Pirollet
Nicole PirolletSenior Accounting Assistant
(415) 523-1391
Nicole Ratte
Nicole RatteAccounting Assistant
(415) 523-1396
Jennifer Klein
Jennifer KleinRevenue Recovery Specialist
(415) 523-1347
Amy Langley
Amy LangleyAccounting Assistant
(415) 523-1308
Susan Krok
Susan KrokAdministrative Specialist
(415) 523-1407
Chad Hillson
Chad HillsonAccounting Assistant
(415) 906-4712