Colorado Statute: New Restrictions on Leases & Third-Party Fee Passthroughs

Recently the state of Colorado enacted legislation that imposes new lease restrictions for owners/landlords.  Among other things, Colorado House Bill 23-1095 limits the types of fees and charges that can be considered as part of rent, and provides guidelines for tenant fee markups or third-party service charges. We want to make our clients aware of this change, as it impacts the method for charging residents for internet, television, or other broadband services you may provide for your assets located in Colorado.

  1. Prohibition of Additional Amounts and Fees as Rent: Under the new statute, owners are prohibited from designating any amount or fee (apart from the set monthly payment for occupying the premises) as “rent.” This means that remedies to collect rent, such as eviction, can only be applied to the agreed-upon monthly rent and cannot extend to other charges. This includes fees for utilities or services and any charge that is not explicitly classified as rent.
  2. Prohibition of Tenant Fee Markup or Third-Party Service Charges: The statute also imposes limitations on fee markups or charges for services for which the owner is billed by a third party. The amount charged may not exceed two percent of the […]
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Good, Better, Best: Provider Wi-Fi Programs Explained

Telecom service offerings in multifamily continue to transform to meet the demands of today’s residents. We want to take the opportunity to update an article posted two years ago with the latest provider offerings and to educate our clients about relatively new products you may begin to hear about in our industry.  

Wi-Fi is truly the unsung hero holding the modern household together. From streaming TV and working from home, to powering your smart thermostat or Roomba – Wi-Fi is a must-have. Under a traditional choice model where the owner may or may not have a marketing agreement in place with the telecom provider, each resident is purchasing their own wireless modem or renting it from the provider themselves. However, there are five other categories of owner-sponsored Wi-Fi that help your properties and residents stay connected:

Internet Ready – a no-cost option, this is a Wi-Fi router setup in the apartment for convenience when a new resident moves in, so they can connect and sign up for services in minutes without a technician appointment or picking up equipment.

In Unit Modem-Based Wi-Fi – traditionally referred to as bulk Internet, with this option there is no construction, in-unit access or capital expense to […]

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Timely Advice: The Benefits of Outsourcing Telecom Management

Benjamin Franklin is credited with several inventions like the lightning rod, bifocals, swim fins, and of course, the Franklin stove. Many everyday sayings are also attributed to Ben like, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” “Haste makes waste,” and more relevant now than ever, “Time is money.” So, let’s look at some of the ways that outsourcing telecom management to RealtyCom Partners saves multifamily owners both time and money. 

Advancements in technology have simplified many aspects of our professional lives, but those efficiencies have also created the expectation to accomplish even more. Our clients and their teams experience these pressures too, particularly since most major cities are racing to address shortages of high quality apartments. 

Rather than trying to manage all the components with in-house resources, multifamily owners are enlisting the services of experts—the people and partners they trust—to help them provide a superior resident experience, reduce operating costs, and add long-term value. 

As telecom network strategists and advisors, RealtyCom Partners is proud to be among the team of experts that regional and national Owners […]

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