Diligent, ongoing telecom management and support for our clients is at the heart of what we do and enables us to cultivate trusted relationships. It also allows us to achieve optimal results for our clients, identify quarterly revenue variances and assess annual revenue reviews to determine overall portfolio value.

Our team manages all the behind-the-scenes due diligence, allowing our clients to remain strategic decision makers. Because we work exclusively on behalf of apartment Owners, we are committed to acting in their best interest, whether that’s handling the entire acquisition and disposition process of assuming contracts and transferring revenue payments at sale, helping renew onsite marketing efforts by providers to boost resident subscriptions and revenue to owners or acting as the client’s database. By continually monitoring existing telecom contracts, we can quickly identify any discrepancies and ensure that revenue share is accurate based on the contract terms.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Keeping track of contracts, finding bid opportunities and managing wiring or bulk circuit upgrades can be arduous tasks for apartment Owners, especially if they don’t have dedicated resources like the experts at RealtyCom. That’s where we provide unmatched value. Our years of experience enable us to review these agreements with an eye for accuracy and opportunity as well as identifying red flags that may otherwise go unnoticed. If we do identify a compensation issue during the lifespan of the contract, we troubleshoot on behalf of our Client to resolve the variance and produce the desired result. And as portfolios scale, we also work on behalf of our Clients to handle the entire acquisition and disposition process, including submission of formal assumption and assignment documentation and amendments with our clients and service providers.

By handling contract filing, we are able to act as the Client’s telecom database by providing copies of contracts, contract specifics and information, as well as compensation figures quickly and efficiently. We continually track the Client’s entire portfolio of agreements—not just the ones we helped execute—to make sure that contracts don’t automatically renew without their prior consent. 

It’s All In The Details

We look out for our Clients’ best interest by staying engaged with their service provider contracts, conducting monthly calls and producing monthly reports on open items as well as producing detailed project reviews. We will also begin negotiations with providers even before contracts come up for renewal, collect current subscriber data and prepare a financial proforma and deal summary for the Client’s review and approval of any offer. Our main objective is to discover and source new revenues that will create value for your portfolio – and ensure that your assets have the most technologically advanced services available.

We also do our research on industry regulatory changes such as the recent FCC order, and ensure that we’re always negotiating the best proposals, the best deals, and also the best terms for our clients – however, our Clients always retain the final decision-making role throughout the process of getting deals done.

To learn more about how we can help be your best advocate for ensuring maximum revenue potential for your assets from point of sale to contract renewals and all points in between, visit our website.