By Eric Brueck, Kathy Wolff and Vincent Luke Allen

Managed Wi-Fi deployed property wide is creating $15-25 per unit per month in new revenue for property owners. The community-wide network infrastructure it rests on also supports many smart building installations that create a high level of resident convenience and still more potential revenue.

In response to this new macro trend in the multifamily industry, RealtyCom’s New Construction Department has developed a team devoted to assisting our clients with design and implementation of property wide managed Wi-Fi services and the IoT devices that enable a technology enriched resident experience.  Our investment in providing these advanced services and technologies is in response to our client inquiries and interest in understanding the cost benefit analysis when considering such systems in their future developments.  The capital costs associated with deploying building wide Wi-Fi can be substantial as is the technology integration challenges with other low voltage designed systems such as AV, Access Control, Property Surveillance, Environmental Controls and the Owner’s network.  We’re excited 2021 brings this new team and new suite of services to RealtyCom clients to consider as they embark upon current and future multifamily development projects across the country.

RealtyCom’s new team focused on these areas includes the following:

Eric Brueck, Technical Solutions Architect – A recognized leader in the managed Wi-Fi space Eric comes to RealtyCom after years developing such services within Greystar as part of its Building Systems Group. Eric was the technical cornerstone of Greystar’s deployment of managed Wi-Fi systems and adoption of integrated technologies. Additionally, he is often consulted with by many technology providers in the Multi-Family space for his awareness of the integration challenges and how to improve delivery.  Eric’s technical leadership supports the ongoing training of the RealtyCom Planning and Engineering team and remains involved in deployment of managed Wi-Fi projects as both a client resource and through his technical reviews of RealtyCom’s design work product for appropriate standards in all Manage Wi-Fi and integrated technology deployments. As the Technical Solutions Architect for RealtyCom he is the critical team member for keeping our company and clients at the forefront of the technology curve.
Luke Allen, Senior Design Consultant – RCDD credentialed, and with over 25 years’ experience in low voltage strategy, design, and project management, Luke is focused on RealtyCom’s low voltage design processes specifically as they relate to the evaluation and implementation of property wide technologies.  From Rough Order of Magnitude development to the creation of standardized specifications documents for different client scenarios, Luke is creating the backbone materials and processes necessary for RealtyCom clients to successfully evaluate and deploy Wi-Fi systems and their interrelated components.
Kathy Wolff, Project Manager – Also from the Greystar Building Systems Group, Kathy came to RealtyCom with managed Wi-Fi evaluation, design, and deployment project experience.  Her knowledge of the steps and systems involved has been integral in RealtyCom’s creation of the processes required to oversee our deliverables, tracking the team’s performance of other components of our scope of work, and the necessary steps to a successful managed Wi-Fi deployment.

The new team is actively training the rest of the RealtyCom New Construction department in property wide technologies so all our clients can better understand these sophisticated components, the ways they may integrate into their deployments and how these systems can add value to their developments.  To this end, RealtyCom has formally expanded its consulting service to include property wide managed Wi-Fi and other integrated technology design deployed through the construction process. RealtyCom services include full design (delivering construction ready drawings) or a “design review” scope where we peer review LV designs from an owner’s sub or “design build” vendor assigned with that responsibility.  RealtyCom has made the investment and stands ready to support our clients’ varied needs as they evaluate this new approach to deploying telecommunications and integrated technology services in the multifamily sector.