Creating neighborhoods where people feel a sense of belonging. Ensuring that every detail of the apartment experience and every inch of design matters. Nurturing the world through community involvement. These are just a few ways that Prometheus keeps its promise to deliver Good Living for the Greater GoodTM.

Recently we sat down with Dave Krasowski, Vice President of Construction for Prometheus Real Estate Group, the largest private owner of multifamily properties in the San Francisco Bay area. Dave is the longtime construction practice leader at Prometheus, with broad oversight for the on-time delivery of their high-end infill projects in the Bay Area as well as properties in Portland and Seattle. With 25,000 Neighbors in 13,000 homes and 2,600 more homes in the pipeline, Prometheus is more than a neighborhood developer. In 2020, they took the steps to become a certified B Corporation, affirming their commitment to sustainability and positive community engagement.

In his role, Dave is responsible for all rehabs as well as new construction projects. Among recent projects that RealtyCom Partners worked on with Prometheus include:

Saltwood South, a 177-unit infill mid-rise new construction project in Portland, OR
Boardwalk Apartments, a 260-unit retrofit of a garden-style community in Santa Clara, CA

RCP supported the Prometheus team with low voltage planning, schematic design, contract negotiations, and network infrastructure project management through the issuance of the TCO.

“We engage with RealtyCom Partners when we have a new project in development. We’ll let them know the particulars: location, timing, number of units, and then they will work with the telecom providers to negotiate an agreement with us for service. RealtyCom has really been key in helping us understand what’s needed in the building in terms of the infrastructure that we install and making sure that we’re getting the best services we can for our Neighbors.”

Dave also said that one of the biggest benefits of working with RealtyCom is the expediency of communicating with their providers. “In the past, when I was trying to get a provider on the phone to respond to a need that I had — that process of trying to connect with a representative could literally go on for weeks. RealtyCom is able to get more immediate responses and immediate action from the providers, which is absolutely essential when we’re putting together one of these projects.”

Streaming. Smart home technology. Lightning-fast connectivity. Community-wide Wi-Fi.

We help multifamily owners unravel the complexities of provider contracts and service options to develop long-term strategies that maximize existing property infrastructure, operating budgets, and opportunities for ongoing ancillary revenue streams.

Smarter apartments. Real revenue. Please contact us for more information on the services RealtyCom Partners provides for multifamily portfolios and new developments.