Each year the RealtyCom team eagerly awaits our annual Anniversary to celebrate our business and hard-working team. Each September we’re able to have everyone across 6 states come together and kick up their heels and have some “play time” together.  Our 2019 event was no exception!

It’s not often our entire RCP team is together in one place, so a big thank you to our remote employees who traveled to our Marin headquarters to join in on the fun.

After a round of mingling with our fabulous folk, and photo booth hilarity, we were entertained with a roaring 20’s Murder Mystery interactive performance. Who knew we had so many great actors at RealtyCom!

We certainly have a lot to celebrate in 2019:

  • Our 70+ loyal clients (management of over 585,000 units)
  • Adding two new RCP team members, reaching 29 employees
  • First company wide training day on the San Francisco Bay
  • Expanding upon our services and creating new partnerships to enhance our Client services
  • Hitting $1M+ collected for Clients in our revenue share recovery program
  • Exceeding 300,000 units under our Revenue Management, collectively producing over $796K each month for our clients
  • Managing 150+ active construction projects
  • New SalesForce Upgrade to help us all work better and more efficiently
  • Launch of the new Microsoft Teams to help us all stay connected

Thank-you team for making the evening a memorable and resounding success. Looking forward to 2020!