Benjamin Franklin is credited with several inventions like the lightning rod, bifocals, swim fins, and of course, the Franklin stove. Many everyday sayings are also attributed to Ben like, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” “Haste makes waste,” and more relevant now than ever, “Time is money.” So, let’s look at some of the ways that outsourcing telecom management to RealtyCom Partners saves multifamily owners both time and money. 

Advancements in technology have simplified many aspects of our professional lives, but those efficiencies have also created the expectation to accomplish even more. Our clients and their teams experience these pressures too, particularly since most major cities are racing to address shortages of high quality apartments. 

Rather than trying to manage all the components with in-house resources, multifamily owners are enlisting the services of experts—the people and partners they trust—to help them provide a superior resident experience, reduce operating costs, and add long-term value. 

As telecom network strategists and advisors, RealtyCom Partners is proud to be among the team of experts that regional and national Owners and Developers rely on when building a new project, acquiring a new property and managing their telecom assets. 

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

We believe in doing things right. That means listening to our clients to develop and execute a comprehensive network strategy that meets their design intent, budget, timeline, and desired resident experience. It also includes being future flexible for emerging technology and innovative amenity spaces while enabling opportunities for ancillary revenue. New construction services include:

  • Low Voltage Design Delivery or Peer Review
  • RFP and negotiations of service provider proposals
  • Network planning, oversight, and conflict resolution
  • Field observations at critical milestones
  • IoT and smart building design and deployment
  • Service Provider construction tracking with project timelines

“RealtyCom is our go-to source and our first phone call to understand where the industry is going and how we need to evolve with it.”
— Tim Bruss, Managing Director, Asset Management Group | Hamilton Zanze 

Haste Makes Waste

Telecom proposals, managed Wi-Fi deployments, and marketing agreements are complex and often tedious. We have the industry expertise—plus the dedication and patience—to thoroughly and objectively analyze existing agreements on behalf of our clients and ensure that opportunities for enhancing resident service, reducing costs and increasing revenue are never overlooked. 

We are able to provide scale across a portfolio to analyze multiple providers and negotiate various options, while navigating the intricacies of each individual asset. Our efforts enable you to maintain your pivotal role while alleviating the burden of execution.

Property rewires or managed Wi-Fi deployments can span months from conception through physical deployment. As Kelly Larsen on our client services team puts it, “Our clients don’t have the time to be on every single email and call. They really lean on us to be that conduit between the various providers, legal counsel and site team to get everything built and the transition completed through to activation of services.”  Existing portfolio analysis and ongoing telecom management services include:

  • Contractual due diligence and pre-acquisition analysis
  • Procurement and negotiation of proposals
  • Analysis of retail and bulk strategies and deployment 
  • Project management and transition assistance
  • Partner in developing solutions and escalating site concerns   
  • Contract management and automatic renewal monitoring
  • Contract assumption and assignment processing 
  • Payment collections and revenue recovery

“RealtyCom has provided tremendous value by negotiating contracts for new build projects and renegotiating existing contracts, sometimes decades old, saving countless hours for TCR employees.”
— Matt Enzler, Managing Director | Trammell Crow Residential 

Time is Money

The RealtyCom team comprises more than 35 real estate and telecom experts. We leverage our centuries of combined experience and longstanding industry relationships to deliver comprehensive telecom strategies and solutions for our clients, multiplying Franklin’s saying that time is money times two. First, when multifamily owners choose to outsource telecom management, the time we invest to organize their contracts helps our client understand existing technology and frame future strategies, while audits often uncover immediate revenue. Second, outsourcing gives them the time to focus on their key objectives of attracting and retaining residents while growing asset value in their portfolio.

“RealtyCom is constantly looking at opportunities for us, not only for maximizing returns, but also capabilities that benefit our residents. Having that level of proactive advocacy is almost like having an expert directly employed on our team. It’s critical for us.”
— Bill Brooks, President and CEO | Sequoia Equities, Inc. 

Learn more about RealtyCom’s services and how we can help you reduce costs, generate revenue, and position your portfolio for stronger performance.