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RealtyCom Partners currently represents approximately 500,000 units across 60 multifamily portfolios and we are consistently adding new portfolios to our Client list. Our clients typically own institutional-sized properties of more than 100 units, in portfolios of more than 2,000 units. We truly believe our clients are our partners, and we are their advocates. Their experience is what matters most – below is a partial list of Clients and their endorsements of RealtyCom Partners (please click on their logo for more details).

If you are looking to evaluate large portfolios for hidden opportunities in marketing rights and compensation for video, phone and internet services…Talk to RealtyCom. Leverage your portfolio and RealtyCom’s expertise to find or renegotiate better terms on existing contracts and uncover “new” revenue. We did and it paid off.

Brad Cribbins | Chief Operating Officer

Alliance Residential Company – Phoenix, AZ

RealtyCom’s industry expertise has enabled us to unlock real value throughout our portfolio.  Their partnership has helped us navigate the complexities of the telecom/broadcasting world, while earning additional revenues, and securing agreements with best-in-class terms.  I would recommend them for anyone looking to implement best-practices.

John Derevjanik | Asset Manager

Bonaventure Realty Group, LLC – Arlington, VA

Bridge Property Management’s association started with RealtyCom Partners in 2009 with the review of a large Multi Family asset in Texas. That contract generated significant returns to that partnership that we alone could not have negotiated with the service provider. We quickly realized the value, expertise and professionalism that RealtyCom Partners brings to the negotiating table with all the major Telecom providers as well as the regional providers we sometime encounter. Their knowledge of the telecom business model and professional relationships within the telecom industry is extensive and has delivered contractual terms that I am confident no other company could deliver. They have created bottom line value consistently on our assets and often times when we did not believe value was possible due to contractual restraints. Having RealtyCom Partners as our telecom partner has not only increased the value of our assets they are involved in but they have made the telecom due diligence process seamless while helping maximize the ancillary income of the assets we own.

Rich Stayner, CPM© | Chief Operating Officer

Bridge Property Management – Murray, UT

Concierge Management Services has been a RealtyCom client since May 2009

Concierge Management Services – Houston, TXA

Creating and maintaining ‘Relationships of Trust’ is one of DEI Communities’ Core Values.  We value these relationships with our residents, our team members and our vendor partners.  We are fortunate to have cultivated such a relationship with Realty Com over many years of working together. At Realty Com we have partnered with people of integrity who are not only customer-responsive and extremely competent in their field, but who are also great individuals who are a pleasure to be around. As a result of their expertise and knowledge, the professionals at Realty Com have assisted our investment partnerships to generate revenues far in excess of what we might have achieved through our own efforts.

Douglas S. Hastings | Principal

DEI Communities/Hayley Real Estate Group, LLC – Omaha, NE

As a multi-family housing provider, Bayside is always looking for avenues to increase revenues and decrease expenses of the properties in its portfolio while providing a high level of service to its tenants.   RealtyCom contacted us, and led us through a simple process by explaining the hidden value of our properties.  Once the analysis was completed, it was revealed that the properties would benefit by partnering with RealtyCom and tapping into their extensive network of providers.  By partnering with RealtyCom, the ownership has added value to its portfolio, and provided an added benefit to the tenants that Bayside serves.

Marie Blackburn | Senior Asset Manager

EPMI, A Bayside Company – Walnut Creek, CA

The team at RealtyCom was instrumental in a recent revenue sharing agreement that required the replacement of a small incumbent provider and infrastructure  work on the part of the new provider. Without RealtyCom’s contacts, expertise, guidance and customer service it would’ve been a difficult process to navigate.

Jim DiRienzo | Senior Vice President

Griffis Residential – Denver, CO

RealtyCom provides extremely valuable telecommunications consulting services from acquisition through disposition. Over a five year span, RealtyCom added approximately $3,000,000 of value to our portfolio with new and renegotiated telecommunications agreements.

John Gilmore | Senior Director

Hamilton Zanze & Company – San Francisco, CA

Hayden Properties has been a RealtyCom client since December 2013

Hayden Properties – Lake Oswego, OR

Investors Capital Group has been a RealtyCom client since June 2014

Investors Capital Group – Seattle, WA

Klingbeil Capital Management partnered with RealtyCom in 2014 when we realized just how much personnel time was being dedicated to monitoring and managing telecom agreements and relationships across the entire portfolio.  RealtyCom evaluated the existing telecom agreements and through their vast influence with the telecom providers, they were able to facilitate early renewal and new telecom agreements which significantly increased the revenue participation, and portfolio value.   All the RealtyCom staff are wonderful to work with and are very responsive to all the needs of the partnership relationship.

Debra Cash | Senior Vice President – Operations

Klingbeil Property Management – Manassas, VA

Anne and Mike have helped Prometheus Real Estate Group secure amazing marketing partnership agreements since 2008. The most recent work we did together was at  a new development project, Madera Apartments in Mountain View, CA; it was the first time Prometheus worked on a dual nonexclusive marketing agreement based on some well thought out strategies brought to our attention by Realtycom Partners. The devil was in the details, and we realized early on working with two providers had its fair share of challenges.  Anne and Mike ironed out these challenges by organizing weekly calls with the providers and sending out updated status reports so all our Development and Operations team members  were on the same page throughout construction.  Realtycom Partners truly is an invaluable resource and a valued partner to Prometheus Real Estate Group!

Craig Maness | Vice President of Technology

Prometheus Real Estate Group – San Mateo, CA

I have been working with RealtyCom Partners for seven years and the experience has been very beneficial for the properties SARES•REGIS manages. I have worked closely with Annie, Mike and Steve and found them professional, creative, responsive and collaborative.
Here are some of the challenges RealtyCom Partners solved for SARES•REGIS:

We had a property in which there was no high speed internet service available from the usual providers. RealtyCom Partners was able to find a third party provider to service the property at a very favorable rate for our residents allowing the property to stay competitive in the market place.

We had a property in a single provider market in which the contract was ready to be renegotiated. RealtyCom Partners was able to bundle this property with other properties which were being served by the same provider but in a multi provider market. The outcome was that our property received more revenue due to the bundling effort.

A property with a long term cable contract which RealtyCom was able to re-negotiate providing the property with increased revenue, better business terms and a shorter term contract.

One of our properties was a part of a master plan community and had a bulk contract. RealtyCom Partners was able to eliminate the bulk contract which removed a substantial expense from the property and provided a higher level of cable service to the residents.

RealtyCom Partners understands our business and provides a very valuable service to maximize the voice, video and data services income to the property while providing exceptional services to our residents.

Mike Bissell | President, Multifamily Property Management

Sares-Regis Management Company – Irvine, CA

Security Properties has been a RealtyCom client since September 2009

Security Properties – Seattle, WA

Sequoia Equities has partnered with RealtyCom since 2007. In this time, there has not been a single deal presented by RealtyCom where we felt we could have achieved a similar result on our own. In addition to greatly adding to the value of our assets through additional ancillary income, RealtyCom has ensured that the contracts provided to us are equitable, and they have always kept us on the leading edge of changes/trends within their areas of expertise. And, not of least importance, the entire team at RealtyCom has proven to be dedicated to our best interests, completely ethical, and always enjoyable to work with.

Bill Brooks, Senior Vice President

Sequoia Equities – Walnut Creek, C

RealtyCom has provided tremendous value for Trammell Crow Residential by leveraging their industry relationships and knowledge to maximize revenue and responsiveness from service providers, in addition to saving countless hours for TCR employees.  This value was created not only through negotiating contracts for new build projects, but also by re-negotiating existing contracts sometimes decades old.  I would highly recommend RealtyCom to anyone looking to maximize value from, or improve their experience with, their 3rd party low voltage service providers.

Matt Enzler | Managing Director

Trammell Crow Residential – Dallas, TX

Trinity Property Consultants has been a RealtyCom client since November 2008

Trinity Property Consultants – Newport Beach, CA

RealtyCom has helped us enhance our resident services and find new revenues sources for our properties. They have also been extremely beneficial in our acquisitions by evaluating the opportunity to add value and to make sure that potential risks were identified early on and mitigated. Above all RealtyCom has worked to ensure that the telecom providers that serve our communities are providing the best possible service to our residents.

Blake Hayunga | Chief Financial Officer

Virtû Investments – San Francisco, CA

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Anne Manfredi for over 15 years building, managing, and selling cable systems and have received the utmost customer care and the best returns the industry could offer. Over the last several years, Anne has transitioned us from a service provider to a service advocate for our residents, insuring that we receive the best telecommunication systems and service providers for our communities. Through their expertise and professionalism we’ve been able to bring state of the art technology to our communities, while adding millions of dollars to our bottom line.

Steve Gilmore, Senior Vice President

Shea Properties – Aliso Viejo, CA

RealtyCom has been a valuable resource in the negotiation of telecom agreements for our portfolio.  They work thoroughly and diligently with our internal team to negotiate agreements that provide our residents with best in class service  while maximizing revenue share opportunities for our communities. The RealtyCom team has extensive knowledge of the telecom world and familiarity with the services and revenue share that service providers are currently offering in the multi-family industry.  They are skilled in handling everything from the simplest revenue share agreement all the way up to the most complex unwinding of several different service providers to simplify the asset telecommunications and generate the most valuable agreement possible.  RealtyCom has been instrumental in our telecom contract negotiations and has helped us generate very competitive agreements across our portfolio.

Shannon Baker | Assistant Vice President

The Laramar Group, LLC – Denver, CO

The Reliant Group has been a RealtyCom client since December 2013

The Reliant Group – San Francisco, CA

The Wolff Group chooses to partner with RealtyCom because we know they can consistently add value to our apartment communities throughout the United States. Their relationships with cable partners and other content providers are countrywide, and we lean into them frequently with real success. We are pleased to partner with them on everything from renewal contracts to complicated multi-provider arrangements for new construction.

Jared Black | Chief Transaction Counsel

The Wolff Company – Scottsdale, AZ

RealtyCom has consistently provided a superior service to our company and our properties in helping us navigate the changing telecom landscape. RealtyCom has not only created new revenue streams for our properties but has assisted us in negotiating agreements which enhance resident amenities.

Ron Granville, CPM | Chief Executive Officer

Woodmont Real Estate Services – Belmont, CA