Cord Cutting: Myth or Reality?

Recently there’s been a lot of focus in the media on “cord cutting” and eliminating traditional Cable Television, especially with the Millennial and Gen Z population now entering the apartment rental market. YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, Apple, HBO GO, Hulu, and of course, Netflix are leaders in providing content online – and now offering live-time sports and news entertainment. There are many options for customers who might want to ditch the traditional cable package.

We asked Anne Manfredi, CEO of RealtyCom Partners, some questions about how cord cutting may impact the multifamily real estate industry –

  • How do you see this impacting our clients and their assets, but more specifically the effect on their partnerships with broadband providers and revenue sharing models?

Residents who are looking to purchase their Video content through other means (streaming and over-the-top solutions) are undoubtedly putting more pressure on the existing hard-wire broadband networks at your properties. Our immediate concern is that our clients have a strong Service Provider in place who can provide a full suite of options for the residents – including high-speed Internet (300 Mbps or above) and traditional cable packages for those who have the desire for that service. The providers you have […]

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