Have you ever thought, is there any “low hanging fruit” that can potentially add income to my bottom line at a property?

Our clients often come to us inquiring what they can do to boost their telecom revenue.  This is an area that RealtyCom loves to assist with as it’s a win-win for both our Clients and the Service Providers!

Below are some ideas, but this should not limit your creativity to come up with more – we’re always happy to work with your teams and the Service Providers to create a marketing plan or facilitate in any way.  If you do not have a local Service Provider representative, RealtyCom can assist in making an introduction.

  1. Ensure all move-in materials include information on the Service Provider(s) you have selected to be able to market their products. Including Internet speed that can be delivered to your property is helpful.  This could be a brochure from the Provider, a utility sign-up page or via your property portal/website in advance of move-in.  Often, there are discounts for new residents so it’s beneficial to remind your residents to “ask about move-in specials”.
  2. Property could display Service Provider posters/brochures in common areas including elevator bulletin boards, leasing office, business centers, central mailbox areas, etc. In some cases, Providers have semi-permanent mobile marketing resources that display their products and give the chance for new residents to learn about their services.
  3. Get to know your local Service Provider representative – they have the same goals as you and can provide tools, resources and ideas to increase resident retention. They can also provide property reporting on a regular basis.
  4. Host an event with your local Service Provider. Oftentimes Service Providers are willing to incur the entire cost of the event, or you could co-market. There are many options/themes possible from a summer pool party, movie screening on the lawn, or even an ice cream social.
  5. There is a trend for Service Providers to want to “pre-install” vacant units which can add convenience to residents upon move-in and may lead to an increase in the number of residents who subscribe to that Provider’s services. If this is of interest, RealtyCom can work with specific Providers to see if this is feasible for your property.

Ultimately, Service Providers love to hear that a property is interested in increasing the number of subscribers, so you have an attentive audience to support you and RealtyCom’s resources to help make it happen!