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Make Your Database Work for You

By Anne Gieseke

I confess, I am a very organized person and an avid list-taker at heart. One of my greatest pleasures is marking items as complete (yes, even grocery lists!).  As a Client Account Manager at RealtyCom Partners there is a lot to track and keep ahead of, and critical to that effort is a contract management database and project management tools that support us and client objectives. Contract management systems can come in many forms (Excel, Property Management software, 3rd party provider) but thinking about all the different pieces of information that help us drive value to our clients, I believe some of the most important aspects are:

1. Is it time to go out to bid for a new Service Provider proposal at a property? Often, Service Provider agreements can be negotiated ahead of the expiration of the current contract. Knowing exactly when you should begin those discussions is important to maximize per contract value. If you’re considering changing the level of service provided at a community, such as moving to Managed Bulk-Wi-Fi, planning should take place months in advance of an agreement expiration.

2. How do we get ahead of the due diligence on pending acquisitions? RealtyCom provides preliminary […]

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Internet-Ready: A Simple Move-In Experience for Residents

By Anne Gieseke

In today’s world, life is about convenience and automation.  Internet connectivity is key, and many telecom providers are making it easier than ever to setup services the moment a resident steps into their new home.

These “internet-ready” programs are designed to have all the wireless equipment pre-installed in the apartment to transmit a small internet connection – so residents can simply connect to the service provider’s portal through their mobile phone (or by calling) and be activated within minutes.  There is no longer any need for the resident to wait for equipment to be mailed to them, to pick up anything from a local retail store, or to wait for that dreaded 3-hour installation appointment. Plus, there is the added benefit of not having to return any equipment when they move out.

Along with offering convenience to new residents, this program also lessens questions for the leasing office and fewer service provider visits or delays in setting up new services.  When the resident moves out, the equipment remains installed and is reset for the next resident moving in.

Not only does this save time, but there are also benefits to Management/Owner by:

  • Offering a convenient amenity to advertise at your community
  • […]

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Are Property Events Helpful?

Honestly, this article was intended to be published in March 2020 – then Covid 19 hit and the total landscape changed!  After many months of figuring out best practices, our Telecom Providers and Properties are adapting to new practices and technology, but still having fun!

Most Property Managers and telecom providers agree that property events can be a win-win.  Not only does the property benefit by hosting an activity for the residents, but they offer a resident the convenience of discussing their cable and Internet needs with knowledgeable representatives.

Telecom Providers find great value in hosting property events since it allows them more visibility with their mutual customers, a platform to roll out new services, special offers or discuss their products. It is  also an opportunity to show appreciation to their subscribers and the leasing office for their partnership.  Most importantly, Telecom Providers find that the connection with the leasing office, along with planning and participating in resident functions, can build a more open and enhanced relationship.

The best partnership is formed from an interest by both the Property Manager and Telecom Provider to share in a common goal of helping a resident find the best services and prices available, to increase the […]

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