Honestly, this article was intended to be published in March 2020 – then Covid 19 hit and the total landscape changed!  After many months of figuring out best practices, our Telecom Providers and Properties are adapting to new practices and technology, but still having fun!

Most Property Managers and telecom providers agree that property events can be a win-win.  Not only does the property benefit by hosting an activity for the residents, but they offer a resident the convenience of discussing their cable and Internet needs with knowledgeable representatives.

Telecom Providers find great value in hosting property events since it allows them more visibility with their mutual customers, a platform to roll out new services, special offers or discuss their products. It is  also an opportunity to show appreciation to their subscribers and the leasing office for their partnership.  Most importantly, Telecom Providers find that the connection with the leasing office, along with planning and participating in resident functions, can build a more open and enhanced relationship.

The best partnership is formed from an interest by both the Property Manager and Telecom Provider to share in a common goal of helping a resident find the best services and prices available, to increase the customer base – also equating to more revenues.  Events are normally sponsored by a service provider or co-sponsored between the property and service provider, with the goal to assist residents in whatever they might need.  Open communication regarding customer service, products and installations are key to the success of this process.

Helpful hints for a successful event in these virtual marketing times:

  • United front – Leasing Team and Telecom Provider partnering together
  • Be creative – Providers are normally very open to your ideas
    • Theme based
    • Giveaways
    • Game Night such as Bingo
    • Some providers have hosted, Virtual Chef Night, Virtual DJ Event, Virtual Sports Event to keep activities interactive
  • Communicate an event through e-blast, text or post flyers in common areas)
  • Thursdays promote the best resident participation

Many Service Providers believe that the success behind an event is more than just the numbers.  With the Holidays approaching, it may be a great time to reach out and plan an event!  If you’d like help connecting with your property’s local marketing representative, feel free to reach out to  us at info@realtycompartners.com.