With escalating construction and operating costs, it’s never been more important to make every penny count. Did you know that thousands of dollars could be unpaid within your telecom contracts? That’s why our clients trust RealtyCom Partners to read between the lines, magnify the fine print, and crunch the numbers to trace and recover revenue that is owed to them. 

So far this year, our team’s audits have found more than $700k in missing or unpaid revenue, and we’re on track to exceed $1 million in recovered revenue for our clients in 2022. 

 Here’s a closer look at the kinds of in-depth revenue recovery audits our team of experts conduct on behalf of our clients:

 Due Diligence Onboard Audits

When new clients engage RealtyCom, our due diligence team begins working with the current service providers to obtain existing agreements for each property and we work to catalog all agreement terms including compensation. We then review revenue share payments as far back as possible, or as of the property’s acquisition date, to ensure the contract has been honored and recover any amounts past due.  Audits can also reveal unpaid upfront fees and systematic errors in monthly or quarterly revenue calculations. 

Bid Opportunity Audits 

When negotiating a new service agreement or renewal, our team reviews the most recent revenue share reports to ensure our client is “paid up” on old contracts before a new agreement is consummated.  Our goal is to provide our bidding team with the most information possible to guide their RFP process, including current penetration rates and trends between providers, ARPUs (average rate per unit), and uncover any unpaid amounts.  

Ongoing Audits

When RealtyCom does not assist with the contract in place or does not manage revenue share on an ongoing basis for our client, we perform routine audits every 12-18 months. We often discover payments are placed on hold by providers either mistakenly or pending the collection of updated W-9s or other documentation.   

Lost and Found

Many issues we uncover also relate to agreements for new construction properties or agreements that were assumed when a property was acquired. Many times, our clients didn’t realize that any payments were missing—or how long they had lapsed. In the most recent due diligence onboard audits for three new clients, we’ve recovered more than $125,000—and we’re not quite finished! 

Since 2017, our team has recovered nearly $3.1 million in revenue across our client’s portfolios, and we’re continuously streamlining our audit processes to provide even faster results for our clients. If you aren’t sure that you’re being paid all the revenue share that’s due to you, let our team of specialists work on your behalf to find and correct the issues and recover your missing payments.

 Smarter Apartments. Real Revenue.