A couple of years ago, Cox and RealtyCom began discussing a program Cox wanted to pilot, called Quick Connect. We had several clients who owned properties within Cox’s test markets in Arizona and Nevada, and quickly spent time researching and discussing potential benefits of this program with our clients.

Two years later, the program successfully expanded to other regions where Cox offers service – and we receive a lot of questions from our clients about implementation, costs and benefits of participating.

How does the Cox Quick Connect Program Work?   The program includes a pre-installed Internet modem within the apartment that is installed during vacancy or turnover. The equipment plugs directly into the wall jack and allows for the new resident to “quickly connect” to the Internet. Cox has made this service an integral part of their Exclusive marketing partnerships and has factored this into renewal rates and our client’s “Preferred Pricing” program.

What are the Resident Benefits?   For the resident, the big benefit is convenience. They don’t have to order or pick up equipment when moving into their new apartment, plus Cox includes one-month free Internet service (150 Mbps) to any new customer. On move-out, residents can leave the equipment in their apartment, and there’s no need to return anything to Cox. If a resident would prefer to use another Service Provider during their tenancy they can unplug and store the equipment.

Does a Resident Have to Keep the Cox Service After the Free Month? After the free trial period a resident is not obligated to keep the service. The resident can cancel the service at any time during or after the free trial.

What are the Owner Benefits?   For the Owner, you get to offer this service as a convenience to your residents as part of your exclusive marketing partnership with Cox. There is no financial responsibility if the equipment is lost or damaged, and Cox will work with your leasing staff on a regular basis to manage move-in/move-out information, coordinate installs/modem replacements and resets.  Cox reports their Quick Connect properties earn approximately 15% higher subscriptions, versus traditional marketing agreement programs. This increased resident subscribership contributes to enhanced ongoing revenue to the Owner.

RealtyCom welcomes the opportunity to discuss this program in more detail with you and determine if this is a good fit for your properties.  We’d welcome your feedback on what technology enhancements may lead to a more a pleasant experience for your residents, and your operations teams to hopefully differentiate your properties from the competitors.

More information from Cox on their Quick Connect services can be found by clicking here.