Resident Choice vs. Ongoing Revenue – When You Should Consider an Overbuild

Recently I had a great conversation with a client who is faced with a tough decision – allow another Service Provider to build to her property and go through a major construction project on-site or continue allowing the same single Service Provider to serve and therefore earn above-market revenue.

We often help our clients navigate these types of decisions. Revenue is obviously important, but more important is our Clients ability to rent apartments and to offer enhances resident services. Lack of available Internet and TV options could diminish the ability to attract and retain residents.

So, when a client can’t have both choice and revenue – I personally land firmly on the side of choice. Providing a choice to residents ensures your property stays technologically competitive with newer buildings, and that pricing for residents remains competitive. In addition, risk to an Owner is mitigated if one of the Service Providers is not delivering optimal services or isn’t able to upgrade their facilities and stay competitive.

Usually when one of our clients is in this situation, it comes down to one of these factors:

  • Your existing contracts grant another Service Provider exclusive use of wire in your building (or worse the Service Provider owns […]