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Terminology Recap – Definition of 11 Words

By Cristy Boucher

We do our best not to use telecom jargon in our memos and conversations with our clients and partners, but you’ve probably noticed on occasion we slip up!  In an effort to help you become a true telecom “nerd” like we are, we’re sharing 11 definitions of popular acronyms (we just had to throw an extra in for good measure!).  Always feel free to interject and ask us for any definitions, we are happy to explain and help educate your teams however we can.

EMA” – abbreviation for Exclusive Marketing Agreement. Exclusive marketing agreements are often in place when there is no competing Service Provider who wants to provide a proposal for Owner consideration. The Owner is agreeing to market only one Service Provider to residents and promote that Service Provider over the other. Additional Service Providers often serve the property and residents can sign up for their services, but only one is being promoted by the on-site team.

NEMA” – abbreviation for Non-Exclusive Marketing Agreement. These types of agreements allow co-marketing of two or more Service Providers by the Owner. The terms are usually complementary, and terms are coterminous. The Owner has agreed to market two or more Service […]

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Covid-19 Multifamily Industry Update

By Cristy Boucher

We understand our clients have a lot on their minds during the COVID-19 pandemic both personally and professionally as we navigate shelter-in-place orders and self-quarantine. We realize the impact this virus has at your communities, rent delinquency and potential mortgage deferments, as well as your leasing operations and on-site coordination/office closures within your teams.

RealtyCom continues to advocate and speak with Service Providers during this uncertain time, educate ourselves on pain points for our clients and remain solution-oriented for any broadband issues.  To that end, these past weeks we’ve participated in every one of the NMHC webinars, spoke with leaders at each of the major telecom companies, participated in an industry roundtable meeting with Owners and peers, and analyzed all our client’s bulk agreements to ensure adequate Internet speeds are being delivered to your residents.  We also support the NMHC in their efforts to maintain housing availability and security via their #ReliefStartsAtHome campaign to ask Congress for further relief for renters and property Owners from COVID-19.

More than ever before broadband availability and connectivity is needed for telecommuters, students, and general entertainment. As a general industry update, in mid-March the FCC chairman Ajit Pai asked Service Providers to opt […]

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Marketing Telecom to Residents – Best Practices

We are often asked by our Clients what marketing efforts they’re obligated to perform as part of signing a new Service and Marketing agreement. Of course, it depends on the type of agreement you have in place but whether it’s a Non-Exclusive Marketing, Exclusive Marketing or Access Agreement, no Service Provider may prohibit another from direct marketing (via mail, phone, email, or other off-site methods). However, there are usually some general obligations of the Owner that are permitted, such as:

  • Door-to-door marketing – usually limited to specific hours or only if authorization is provided by the Owner or on-site staffs
  • Periodic on-site marketing events – may be limited to quarterly events, and typically require pre-approval by property staff
  • Common area marketing displays
  • Tech events – where a technician is available to answer resident’s technical questions
  • Print Marketing – materials supplied by the Service Provider and passed out to residents either in Move-In Packets, countertop, or door hangers
  • Digital marketing – includes online resident portal or website

In new construction, we’re also seeing some Service Providers request stickers to be placed near the media cabinets, or on a designated outlet cover listing the Service Provider’s name. In addition, a Service Provider may […]

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