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Biden Moves to Increase Competition in Multifamily Telecom

Last week you may have heard that President Biden signed an Executive Order aimed at increasing competition in a number of industries. Telecommunications is one of those industries and encouraged to be re-evaluated by the FCC.  RealtyCom is happy to speak with clients in more detail, and rest assured we are up-to-date with the news and in close communication with our attorney/vendor partners and the NMHC Government Affairs team. Once the FCC appoints a full commission, we believe the proceeding from a couple years ago will be reopened which involved looking at potential rules banning or restricting marketing, revenue share and exclusive wiring arrangements and it is possible bulk arrangements will be added to that list. RealtyCom will continue to advocate on behalf of our clients and owner operators in this important proceeding. Please also read NMHC’s post here for more information:

Contact info@realtycompartners.com with any questions.

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Preparing for a Disaster – Lessons Learned

By Cristy Boucher

We’ve all been impacted both personally and professionally by the pandemic, and, like us, you may have been affected by other disasters; wildfires, extended electricity shut-offs, flooding or even hurricanes.  While the circumstances this year have certainly challenged us, we found it also gave us a unique opportunity to formulate new communication plans and operating procedures to weather any storm (quite literally!).

No doubt, you and your teams have adjusted to new norms that allow you to operate effectively even remotely, changed your hiring procedures and updated your response plan. RealtyCom focused first on what was most important to keep us united as a team, and to continue providing the same level of service our clients have come to expect.

Communication | Check in, check up

When our routines are upset, talking not only with your immediate teams, but checking in with colleagues we don’t normally interact with was important to make sure no one felt “left behind.”  Having a committee set up to quickly disseminate updates and working schedules helped us get buy-in from several groups quickly. Many jumped in to help make online Staff meetings work, created new Teams channels to share information, scheduled Zoom happy hours and new […]

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Can Bulk Internet Finance Smart Homes

By Cristy Boucher

Many of you probably took notice of the recent webinar “Paradigm Shift: Can Bulk Internet Finance Smart Buildings?” from Joshua Tree Conference Group sponsored by Cox Communications. The topic not only piqued my interest, but the well-respected panelists from Mill Creek Residential, Davis Craig, PLLC and Catalyst Innovation Lab who were set to talk. If you weren’t able to attend this informative session on whether implementing bulk Internet/Wi-Fi at your community could in fact fund your new technology initiatives, then here’s a brief glimpse into this much talked about topic.

RealtyCom has many clients we’re working with on bulk Internet and Wi-Fi implementation and enjoy talking with thought leaders and clients about their strategy in this ever-changing space.  You can find the full webinar recording and summary online at https://www.aimconf.com/blog-aim/bulk_internet.

Jeff Kok, Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Information Officer at Mill Creek Residential Trust started by reviewing the resident experience. I think we all can agree this is essential to implement any type of bulk Internet strategy – if the service provided by the owner isn’t a better-quality product, that’s not only reliable, but fast and affordable, no matter how much you try it just won’t work.

From an owner’s […]

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