John Muir, the famous naturalist, and co-founder of the Sierra Club once said: “The power of imagination makes us infinite.” This philosophy is easily applied to the core values that Sequoia’s team of 375 professionals embrace  in order to elevate the everyday for its residents living in 15,000 homes across its 50+ apartment communities. 

Sequoia (one of the largest privately held management companies on the West Coast), fosters opportunities for growth and success by propagating the idea that unparalleled customer service starts with the values that each individual brings to the collective team. Sequoia earned a 2021 NAA Best Places To Work designation, the second consecutive year they have been honored by the National Apartment Association. The award pays tribute to team members and their hard work, which directly contribute to the success of suppliers, management companies, and the rental housing industry as a whole.  

Bill Brooks, President and CEO, has been with the company for 24 years. In order to harness the power of individual imagination in service of growth, he has helped to create five brand pillars that the Sequoia team lives by to make the everyday a little more extraordinary: 

  1. Always Be Ready
  2. Win Hearts & Fans
  3. Do The Right Thing
  4. Crush It
  5. Change The Game

We’ve devoted tremendous resources at Sequoia over the years to developing these values, the way in which we do business,” explained Bill. “They’re very important to us. And it’s equally important that the firms that we do business with have similar values — being passionate about what you do, having high integrity, and being willing to act as an advocate for your client.

RealtyCom supports and advocates for the Sequoia team by negotiating optimized terms and services of telecommunications contracts of the communities they acquire to provide their residents with the best technology available while maximizing revenue share.

Having integrity and being willing to act as an advocate for your client are attributes I’ve seen in RealtyCom’s founder, whom I’ve known for 35 years and witnessed among all RealtyCom professionals from day one and throughout our 15-year relationship,” Bill continued. “They align with our values and those values have never wavered or diminished as RealtyCom has grown over the decades.

Streaming. Smart home technology. Lightning-fast connectivity. Community-wide Wi-Fi. We help multifamily owners unravel the complexities of provider contracts and service options to develop long-term strategies that maximize existing property infrastructure, operating budgets, and opportunities for ongoing ancillary revenue streams.

Smarter apartments. Real revenue. Please contact us for more information on the services RealtyCom Partners provides for multifamily portfolios and new developments.