By Anne Gieseke

In today’s world, life is about convenience and automation.  Internet connectivity is key, and many telecom providers are making it easier than ever to setup services the moment a resident steps into their new home.

These “internet-ready” programs are designed to have all the wireless equipment pre-installed in the apartment to transmit a small internet connection – so residents can simply connect to the service provider’s portal through their mobile phone (or by calling) and be activated within minutes.  There is no longer any need for the resident to wait for equipment to be mailed to them, to pick up anything from a local retail store, or to wait for that dreaded 3-hour installation appointment. Plus, there is the added benefit of not having to return any equipment when they move out.

Along with offering convenience to new residents, this program also lessens questions for the leasing office and fewer service provider visits or delays in setting up new services.  When the resident moves out, the equipment remains installed and is reset for the next resident moving in.

Not only does this save time, but there are also benefits to Management/Owner by:

  • Offering a convenient amenity to advertise at your community
  • Unlike Managed Wi-Fi or Modem-based Bulk Internet this option is no cost to the Owner, and there is no responsibility for the modem/equipment
  • Often there is a 15%+ increase in subscribers, equating to higher revenue share distributions for the property

A few of the service providers already offering an “internet-ready” program include CenturyLink, Cox Communications, Xfinity/Comcast and AT&T (in new construction).  Various incentives may also be provided such as the first month free service for new customers.

We recently evaluated resident subscriptions under this program and were pleased with the positive results below, showing the program is a win-win for residents and Owners alike!

Property Name Before “always on” After “always on” Increase
Property #1 55% 84% 29%
Property #2 67% 83% 17%
Property #3 54% 68% 14%
Property #4 28% 59% 31%
Property #5 41% 76% 35%
Portfolio Summary 52% 77% 25%


RealtyCom works with each of the providers to bring you this option when we renegotiate agreements, or when we feel it would be a good benefit to the property or improve resident subscriptions.  Depending on the provider we can share more details on installation and equipment photos with our clients and our experience with the process.  Once introductions are made between the site team and local provider representatives, they work together to setup regular vacancy/turnover reports and to install equipment when most convenient for the management staff.

If you’d like to find out more information or see if you have eligible communities in your portfolio, please contact your Client Account Manager or email and we’d be happy to help.