If you had a crystal ball to see what technology solutions your residents will demand in the future, how would you use that knowledge to your advantage? For Quarterra (formerly LMC), having RealtyCom as a visionary partner allows them to make informed decisions as they plan technology infrastructure in their new communities.

Chris Acker, Vice President of Community Technology Services with Quarterra, explains why RealtyCom has proven to be a visionary partner for ensuring their 42 active communities, which encompass nearly 12,500 residences, are well equipped to serve their residents’ technology and telecommunications needs today and tomorrow.

RealtyCom has helped us look at the future possibilities for technology and how we should design our projects accordingly. They have a deep understanding of the market and understand the economics of how to negotiate efficiently with our service providers. We’ve found that to be incredibly valuable.

According to Chris, RealtyCom takes a two-pronged approach to determine the best possible solutions for Quarterra’s needs. “First, RealtyCom goes through our designs with a fine tooth comb.They point out things that we may have missed or things that we may want to redact because they don’t make sense within our “Quarterra way.” Simultaneously, they work with service providers to bring in multiple competitive bids and analyze the economics of the various proposals to ensure we negotiate the best possible agreements — evaluating what we need to do with our infrastructure against what the service provider can deliver. Having RealtyCom’s expertise has given us a tremendous advantage.” 

Streaming. Smart home technology. Lightning-fast connectivity. Community-wide Wi-Fi. We help multifamily owners  unravel the complexities of provider contracts and service options to develop long-term strategies that maximize existing property infrastructure, operating budgets, and opportunities for ongoing ancillary revenue streams.

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