In a high-demand, high-speed world, fiber optic internet has become the new gold standard for connectivity. Ensuring residents have access to the highest speed and most reliable internet will provide an enormous competitive edge to your property.

While there are several pros to offering fiber, planning for the future and ensuring the proper infrastructure is in place are essential to minimize potential complications, thereby future-proofing the infrastructure as the internet continues to evolve.

To be prepared for the installation of services, it is important to have your design, irrigation, and electrical plans available. Often, the contractors working on-site will need to review and get a more in-depth understanding of the property before the installation begins. Ownership should ensure the service provider and contractors have these plans well in advance to help avoid future mishaps. Following these steps may help lead to new ways to increase efficiency and will assist in crafting the best plan to bring fiber to the property.

Here are the top 5 tips when preparing to bring fiber to your property:

1. Have an as-built design plan available to the contractor/provider.

2. If molding is used to cover the cable/conduit, determine if materials/colors are available and who is responsible for painting, if necessary.

3. Ensure electrical pathways relating to exterior and interior lighting, along with fire panels, are
known to the contractor/provider. Timers may need to be addressed post-wiring.

4. Provide irrigation/landscape plans to the contractor/provider to convey where irrigation is located.

5. Communication between the leasing office and contractor/provider is critical so that residents can be notified and all parties are prepared for what is planned and how they may be affected.

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