By:  Megan Jackson

Did you know that recent industry data suggests 20% of Service Provider contracts have payment errors, costing Owners tens of thousands in lost and missing revenue each year? This is hardly surprising considering the complexities inherent in contracts, property dispositions, and the dynamic nature of service provider processes. Recognizing this, RealtyCom’s Accounting Department meticulously reviews revenue share reports and agreements and then coordinates with the service provider organizations to rectify any issues.

Revenue assurance is a crucial component of RealtyCom’s portfolio management functions. We routinely audit every property with a revenue share agreement, to ensure our client has received all funds due from service providers. Of course, our goal is to ensure proper payment to our clients going forward, but we often discover variances that lead to further collection efforts. Here are a few examples of recent discoveries:

  • During a portfolio audit over 64 agreements, we recovered $392k.
  • We’ve successfully recovered $1.2M in funds relating to recent development projects of which 51% of the properties audited had errors resulting in tens of thousands of dollars per asset.
  • During a new client onboarding, we recovered funds over 169 agreements, creating $7M in cap value.
  • We recover nearly $1M each year due to our clients’ properties. 
  • In any given quarter, 15-25% of the revenue share payments managed by RealtyCom are flagged for further review. 

Our audits encompass review from the acquisition date, to ensure our client receives all payments during the term of their ownership. Payment errors can range from miscalculations, improper submission of TCO/COs or reimbursement invoices, outdated vendor forms that may be on file, non-assignment issues after sale, or even uncashed checks. Bulk agreements have also been known to present payment/invoicing errors of service fees. 

Catherine Ratté, Vice President of Accounting says, “Audits can be complex – taking months to recoup funds – but knowing our patience and determination lead to positive results for our clients is everything,” adding “particularly, developments pose a larger issue as property teams have many other priorities to manage and payments can go uncollected.”

Each year RealtyCom gains valuable insights through processing 9,000+ payments and rectifying a multitude of issues. Discover how our experience and revenue assurance program can help you – we are happy to work with you to determine how RealtyCom could best assist with individual assets. Contact us at to get started today.