Hamilton Zanze is a multifamily operator with 91 properties, and 21,995 units across 15 states and 28 markets. Celebrating its 20-year anniversary in 2021, Hamilton Zanze has partnered with RealtyCom for more than 10 years to stay ahead of the curve as technology evolves. Tim Bruss, Managing Director, explains why RealtyCom is their go-to-source for capitalizing on trends, capturing ancillary revenue opportunities and staying at the forefront of the multifamily industry.

“We believe that technology is changing the real estate industry and communication is changing the real estate industry. RealtyCom is our go-to source and our first phone call to understand how the industry is evolving and how we need to evolve with it.” — Tim Bruss, Managing Director of the Asset Management Group, Hamilton Zanze

“RealtyCom is extremely knowledgeable of the different products and the way the market is changing,” Tim began. When Hamilton Zanze began the research process to determine where the industry is going on the 5G front, RealtyCom was the first company we reached out to. They put us in touch with the right people to start working towards a solution for the portfolio.”

Hamilton Zanze also relies on RealtyCom as a trusted partner for identifying and capturing ancillary revenue opportunities across the portfolio. “We use RealtyCom on every single deal we purchase to perform a due diligence assessment on the various cable and communication opportunities that we have in a given asset,” Tim explained. “In addition, they continually monitor the contracts and solutions that we have in our properties. As a result, they are able to make recommendations for technology upgrades that will keep our assets moving forward.”

Tim went on to say that RealtyCom is usually 6-12 months ahead on their planning and able to identify opportunities well in advance of any contracts coming to term. “We appreciate their ability to keep us organized and working towards the deadlines where we can maximize those opportunities. In short, RealtyCom has proven that they can provide value for our assets, for our residents and for our investors. They are our go-to for all communication management services.”

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