Working—and learning—from home. It’s the new reality for your residents.

This paradigm shift has created an insatiable demand for high-speed internet and WiFi streaming. Secure and reliable connectivity has never been more critical.

Multifamily industry leaders are realizing it’s time to shift to a new way of thinking about the possibilities of bulk and managed WiFi service for their properties. Beyond it being an enhancement to property amenities and enabler of our new way of life, it’s popularity lies in Bulk WiFi’s amplified value as an ancillary revenue stream.

Could moving from a “choice model” to an owner-sponsored bulk WiFi service and Internet program help you attract new renters? Could this move also increase your revenue and streamline operations? Could a managed WiFi network provide a gateway to new smart home features, alleviate “dead zones” for cellular calls by enabling WiFi calls and increase renter satisfaction and retention?

The answer to all of these questions is likely a resounding “yes” and could be your “Why” for deploying bulk WiFi.

Implementing a bulk WiFi infrastructure requires considerable planning and a well-thought out strategic plan. We’ve helped clients successfully navigate the path toward bulk WiFi and we can help you too. Please contact us for more information about a tailored strategy for your existing portfolio or new development.

Smarter apartments. Real revenue. We’re your partners in planning, managing, and delivering connected communities.