We all place a high value on technology amenitiesincluding having fast and reliable internet. From working, gaming, entertainment, and smart home technology, internet connectivity plays an integral role in your residents’ everyday routines.

At RealtyCom Partners, we understand that providing the most current and reliable technology services is a key factor in attracting and retaining residents. One of the best ways to understand your residents’ technology needs is to ask for feedback. Here are questions you can add to your resident surveys to better understand their needs:

1. What level of internet speed are you currently purchasing? Is this sufficient for your household needs?
Understanding the current internet speed your residents need for their daily use will guide decisions about what providers to bring to your property, and identify if they are experiencing any speed issues or if the property requires an upgrade.

2. Do you believe the internet services you pay for are a good value? 
While this is a subjective question, this will help you understand your resident’s level of satisfaction with the technology options offered in your community. 

3. Who is your current service provider? Is there another service option you’d love to have?
Knowing who your residents’ current internet service providers are or providers they would love to have, can help you make strategic decisions during proposal and agreement negotiations. This can also help you frame your long-term objectives and select new business models. 

4. Do you experience any issues with your internet service? 
Knowing if your residents are experiencing frequent outages, latency during certain times of the day, or other general problems can help you tailor your technology services to better suit their needs. For example, if there are frequent outages, RealtyCom can further assess these issues with the provider and request trouble ticket history.  

5. Other scenarios to consider you may want their feedback for…

  • Bringing another provider to the property if it involves construction onsite, or access to their home
  • Removal (or upgrade) of service currently provided 
  • Any work or fees that may impact the resident  

Understanding your residents’ needs is crucial to providing the best possible technology and services to your residents and, by extension, providing them the best possible living experience at your property. By including these questions in your next resident survey, you can better understand their needs and provide tailored solutions. 

Ensure your community surpasses the competition when it comes to providing reliable and high-speed internet as an amenity. RealtyCom Partners provides thoughtful and innovative telecom management solutions to help you optimize your technology services and enhance the evolving resident experience.

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