By:  Rush Blakely

Many of our clients are deploying managed property-wide Wi-Fi or other bulk purchase internet programs to improve the resident experience, create operational efficiencies for the property and staff, and yes, increase net operating income.  

Property-wide managed Wi-Fi requires Owner and property staff involvement during the deployment phase – site surveys, installation of equipment and wiring, in-unit access, revision of lease agreements, and getting residents connected. However, we have found too many times after services are up and running, additional support is needed to ensure a continued reliable connection and happy residents.  

That’s why RealtyCom Partners offers network monitoring and support services for Owners with property-wide managed Wi-Fi or bulk internet as a subscription service. Unlike traditional marketing and revenue agreements, the owner is sponsoring the service provided to residents – our service ensures support during the entire agreement and is cancelable at any time. 

Before a client chooses a particular service provider proposal, RealtyCom provides a financial analysis of the contract value and reviews the scope of work.  Once a service provider proposal is accepted, transition planning and project management begin with a comprehensive plan for training and a timeline to implement new bulk or Managed Wi-Fi services on-site. In addition, RealtyCom will provide a sample marketing communication timeline and resident notices, as well as a sample technology lease addendum(1).

Following deployment, and for the term of our contract, RealtyCom provides the following additional support: 

  • Routine bandwidth and circuit utilization monitoring to ensure consistent internet service 
  • Ongoing support to Owner with site or resident issues 
  • Escalation of service tickets and resident issues with Service Provider 
  • Equipment and hardware inventory tracking, including date in service 
  • Proactive upgrade and budgetary evaluation for end-of-life hardware upgrade needs
  • Routine bulk bill auditing to ensure no additional fees are being incurred 
  • Annual site visits to survey and test site speed and review Wi-Fi network and equipment inventory, and MDF/IDF security/climate control for an additional cost

If you have property-wide Managed Wi-Fi deployed in your communities today or want to discuss your options, please contact RealtyCom at  

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(1)Property owners should always consult knowledgeable local legal counsel regarding correct lease addendum forms and any local regulations regarding passing through or reselling services to residents.