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RealtyCom Updates

Make Your Database Work for You

By Anne Gieseke I confess, I am a very organized person and an avid list-taker at heart. One of my greatest pleasures is marking items as complete (yes, even grocery lists!).  As a Client Account Manager at RealtyCom Partners there is a lot to track and keep ahead of, and [...]

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Amenity Area TV Video

By Mike Manfredi Most of the new construction projects RealtyCom is involved with are rich in amenities – enormous fitness centers, clubhouses with movie theatres, rooftop decks and social spaces, pools, coworking spaces, dog parks, and game rooms are but a few of the most popular amenities we see.  Residents [...]

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Good, Better, Best: Provider Wi-Fi Programs Explained

By Kelly Larsen Wi-Fi is truly the unsung hero holding the modern household together. From streaming TV and working from home, to powering your smart thermostat or Roomba – Wi-Fi is a must-have. Under a traditional choice model where the owner may or may not have a marketing agreement in [...]

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