The accounting department is responsible for recording and reporting the cash flow transactions of the company. This department has some key roles and responsibilities, including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Financial Reporting, and maintaining financial controls. In addition, for our clients, we manage upfront fees payments, revenue share payments and maintain an accurate database.

Megan Jackson
Megan JacksonSenior Accountant
(415) 755-4512 ext. 211
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Catherine Ratté
Catherine RattéVice President of Accounting
(415) 755-4512 ext. 206
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Nicole Pirollet
Nicole PirolletSenior Accounting Assistant
(415) 755-4512 ext. 215
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Nicole Ratte
Nicole RatteAccounting Assistant
(415) 755-4512 ext. 227
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Jennifer Klein
Jennifer KleinRevenue Recovery Specialist
(415) 755-4512 ext. 228
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Antisha Partee
Antisha ParteeAccounting Assistant
(415) 755-4512 ext. 229
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Amy Langley
Amy LangleyAccounting Assistant
(415) 755-4512 ext. 234
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