Client Services

The Client Services department is responsible for ensuring a consistent positive experience for each of our clients. We provide a customized experience for each of our partners and are responsible for ongoing communication, advocating for their needs, managing day-to-day requests and inquiries, as well as having an overall understanding of our client’s business and needs. We oversee the entire life cycle of a property from acquisition, due diligence and onboarding, proposal negotiations and execution of new Service Provider agreements, to ongoing management needs, and finally recapitalization.

Cristy Boucher
Cristy BoucherChief Operating Officer
(415) 755-4512 ext. 207
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Kelly Larsen
Kelly Larsen Client Services Manager
(415) 755-4512 ext. 216
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Anne Gieseke
Anne GiesekeSenior Client Account Manager
(415) 755-4512 ext. 205
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Debra Nichols
Debra NicholsContract Administrator
(415) 755-4512
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Jo Valderas
Jo ValderasClient Account Manager
(415) 755-4512 ext. 209
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Laura Quirarte
Laura Quirarte Client Account Manager
(415) 755-4512 ext. 220
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Ryan Caleb
Ryan CalebClient Account Manager
(415) 755-4512 ext. 218
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Susan Krok
Susan KrokOffice Manager
(415) 755-4512 ext. 226
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