By Deborah Hoffman

It seems that everybody loves gyms. Tenants love having them in their apartment buildings because on-site, they are a convenient place to work out while watching your favorite show on usually one of the many TVs available to distract and entertain. Owners and Property Managers love gyms because during pre-leasing, they help seal the deal and increase the cap rate of the building.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to bring this attractive amenity to market. Knowing the needs of the prospective customers and timing are both important. Knowing the moving parts and Project Management challenges – like wiring infrastructure (Owner and Provider side) and Contractor logistics – are the details that lead to success.

Meeting with the Client and the selected Fitness Vendor is key to understanding the necessary equipment requirements and is the first step to a successful installation. At RealtyCom, we support the Owner in reviewing the various interlocking scopes/logistics required by Audiovisual (AV), Internet Technology (IT), and Low Voltage (LV) Subcontractors. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Assessing needs. Today’s gym is aspirational. It’s equipped with multiple treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and stepmills equipped with screens with pre-programmed and even live routines; some, if not all, of the latest machines may be connected to the Internet. Amenity TVs may be mounted on the wall – or individual TVs may be mounted to the equipment. From the Owner’s perspective, access is a priority. The gym must have interface devices like receivers and touchpads to control access and provide security.
  • Engaging contractors. Supplying audiovisual (AV) amenities to the gym involves several contractors and subcontractors. RealtyCom has depth of knowledge in low voltage design and boots on the ground in order to effectively monitor the many interlocking issues and contractors involved in the process.
  • Tracking progress. Timing is important and takes coordination. The Client, Fitness Vendor, and Contractors all need to be aware of what items fall within their court. Our Field Engineering Team will raise red flags when issues in the field need to be addressed, then monitor to make sure decisions made in the field happen in a timely manner and within the necessary timeline.

RealtyCom’s support related to fitness centers is part of a broader Project Management function where we coordinate all complimentary account services committed to by the Service Providers – the installation of which is verified through our Field Engineer on site visits.  Leveraging sophisticated, customized database, where we log and track plan completion, complimentary accounts, install dates; and coordination efforts (calls, emails, field decisions).

All these moving parts culminate in an installation of complimentary amenity and fitness room installations targeted for a week or two before the Leasing Office opens.  This allows the Leasing Staff to show the prospective Tenant the common areas and fully functional gym with active TVs and new gym equipment ready to be used so that each prospect can envision themselves working out on a regular basis in an environment that they truly appreciate.  These elements are a critical component to achieving signed leases. We are happy to be part of this process.  Please reach out to RealtyCom at if you’d like to know more on how we can assist with this part of your telecom negotiation/implementation efforts.